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November 06, 2013

Who will win the NBA title 2014? Oklahoma City Thunder or Miami Heat

Last week saw the NBA season commence and as expected it did not disappoint. Many believe that there are only two possible winners, Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Below we will assess both sides’ chances.

Miami Heat
Head Coach: Erik Spoelstra
Key Player: LeBron James
The Heat swept away the competition last year, winning 27 games on the trot. Titan Bet price them at 2/1 in the best odds for the NBA to win this year’s title, and these short odds exemplify just how good this side is. LeBron James has been named the league’s MVP for the past two years and is considered by many as the best player in the league. James is pivotal to the Heat’s chances; if he continues with his impressive form then he can lead his side to glory. However, Miami are not a one man side; they are packed with quality with the likes of Dwyane Wade, Greg Oden, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen all more than capable of carrying their side through a tight season. With a squad as talented as this it is hard to imagine Miami not retaining their title.

Oklahoma City Thunder
Head Coach: Scott Brooks
Key Player: Kevin Durant
The Thunder lost last season’s Western Conference semi-finals but they are expected to be in the NBA final this time around. Titan Bet’s current NBA betting price of 6/1 highlights just this. Kevin Durant is the other side of the intriguing LeBron James MVP coin, finishing runner-up to him in the last two years. Durant is vital to the Thunder and at times carries the team; he needs to produce another 50-40-90 season to give his side a chance. Besides Durant, the Thunder have Serge Ibaka, who is regarded as one of the best shot-blockers in the league, and point guard Russell Westbrook also oozes quality. The Thunder have a good shot at going all the way this year.

Most experts have concluded that this season will be decided by which star player performs better: LeBron James or Kevin Durant. Whoever prevails will win their side the NBA.

(LeBron James/Kevin Durant image courtesy of Getty Images)

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November 04, 2013

Toure still believes despite Defeat

Kolo Toure believes Liverpool have what it takes to win the Premier League title despite failing their biggest test of the season to date at Arsenal on Saturday.

The Reds went into the clash at the Emirates Stadium just two points behind the table-topping Gunners, having won six of their opening nine games, losing just one. However, the only top team they had faced was Manchester United at Anfield.

Goals from Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey ensured Liverpool lost their four-game unbeaten run and did not take their chance to show they are genuine title contenders in the football betting odds.

The win was Arsenal's eighth in 10 games. However, Toure insisted his former club "are not the title favourites. This is only November. They will have a hard time as well. The season is not done yet, definitely," he said.

The 32-year-old does think, like his side, Arsenal will have a say in the race to become champions. "Both Arsenal and Liverpool definitely have what it takes to win the title. Two great teams, with great spirit," Toure added.

"Both teams work hard and fight and, even though Liverpool were in a difficult situation, we kept fighting and I think that's really good. Both teams are strong mentally."

Liverpool would expect to get back on track at home to Fulham at the weekend. A win would be a welcome lift ahead of the international break.

A short trip across Stanley Park for a Merseyside derby with Everton follows the two-week hiatus, before winnable games against Hull, Norwich and West Ham.

(Toure image courtesy of Getty Images)

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September 26, 2013

Telepathic football: Dwight Yorke & Andy Cole vs. Wayne Rooney, Danny Wellbeck and Javier Hernandez

One of the more interesting football videos of recent times is the Telepathic Football one produced by sports betting giants Bwin. This film pitches the two striking stars from Manchester United’s legendary 1999 Treble Team – Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole – against Wayne Rooney, Danny Wellbeck and Javier Hernandez of the current side in an unusual challenge. In the video Cole and Yorke discuss the amazing striking chemistry they possessed at their peak, and challenge the current stars to undertake various challenges. These include head tennis, keepie-up, crossing and shooting, while they are all blindfolded.

Obviously Yorke and Cole take the test as well, and pass with flying colours – hence the Telepathic Football title – but would you put a bet on the present strikers showing a similar heightened level of football understanding? Well if you did, you might be out of pocket right now, as for much of the time the three 2013 stars struggle. At one point Rooney seems genuinely annoyed as he and Wellbeck fail at the cross and shoot challenge, and are met with laughter from Cole and Yorke. This will be fascinating for those currently following the Rooney transfer saga from a betting perspective.

Indeed recent months have seen both Rooney and Hernandez linked with a move away from the Red Devils, with Robin Van Persie having eclipsed them as the star striker at Old Trafford since his arrival at the club. These rumours make it hard to watch this enjoyable bwin football video without also speculating on what is going on behind the scenes. The debate and sports betting over whether they will stay or go is likely to continue – with the next transfer window scheduled for January. We should be wary of over-interpreting the film, but then looking for clues in the unlikeliest places is all part of the fun of betting on football and other sports.

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September 25, 2013

Rex Ryan forces New York Jets to relive their high school pushup nightmares

Remember high school gym class? Remember how if you failed to pay attention or if you spoke out of turn, your gym coach would tell you to get down on the ground and do 10 pushups. If you acted out a lot, there’s a good chance you were pretty humiliated quite often. But you also probably ended the year with a massive chest and decent guns. Well, according to the guys in the know at SportsBettingOnline.ag the New York Jets are about to relive high school all over again.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan will be forcing everyone on the team to drop and do 10 pushups each time a penalty is called during practice. That doesn’t just apply to players. You can expect to see coaches and even Jets owner Woody Johnson down on the ground.

Coach Ryan implemented the pushup practice throughout the 2010 NFL season. He hasn’t made it a part of every season since, but he probably should have. Here’s why.

The Jets finished the 2010 season with an 11-5 record, winning the Wild Card playoff match to the Colts, taking the divisional playoffs against the Chargers, and dropping the Conference finals in a close 24-19 matchup.

Then the pushups ended. In 2011, we saw the Jets finish with an evenly split 8-8 season. And last year? Jets fans were hit with a disappointing 6-10 season. Clearly it’s time to bring pushups back into the mix.

This isn’t about making chests and arms stronger. It’s about giving players a reason to mentally focus on not committing penalties. That’s a big part of the Jets practice regimen. In fact, New York employs actual NFL officials during practice to help call plays and game situations—a tactic designed to help the Jets simulate game-day action.

That said, if the refs are forced to drop down and give ‘em 10, they might be reluctant to actually call any penalties whatsoever. After all, Rex Ryan did say everyone would have to drop to the field.

Here’s hoping that the pushups don’t extend to game day—and that fans in the stands aren’t forced to work out, too.

(Rex Ryan image courtesy of Getty Images)

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August 30, 2013

Time for Orioles to Concentrate on Chris Davis


There’s a time in every baseball season when a team knows it isn’t going to make the playoffs. For the Baltimore Orioles that time was this week as they suffered two home defeats to AL East leaders Boston.

Although Baltimore earned a game back on Thursday night, the 2-1 series defeat only extends the gap between them and second-place Tampa Bay, who now look certain to finish second and clinch a Wildcard.

For Baltimore Orioles fans gambling with www.betfair.com, this day has been coming for some time. Since the All-Star Game Buck Showalter’s men have pitched poorly and not had the sort of offensive threat that won them numerous early-season series. Chris Tillman (15-4) is the only regular performer in the starting rotation, with Miguel Gonzalez (8-6) and Jason Hammel (7-8) faltering, while Wei-Yin Chen (7-7) is unable to recreate his former prowess at the mound. The closers are also unreliable and were exposed Wednesday as Baltimore lost a two-run lead in the seventh.

Now, 6.5 games behind Boston and 2.5 off the Rays (as of Friday morning), Baltimore are too far away to catch their rivals. Their pitching has let them down and Betfair pundits know it. In fact, backing the Os to win a game is not a wise option, for there is no knowing how Showalter’s rotation and bullpen will fare.

Instead, both punters and players should focus on Chris Davis and this Os offense. The Texan is on course to break the AL home-run record of 61. On Wednesday Davis hit his season-leading 47th homer of the campaign and a day later made his 95th run. He is on course to challenge for the Triple Crown with Miguel Cabrera and should win the MLB MVP award if he does.

For the good of the player – who has dragged Baltimore over the line numerous times this season – and the profile of the team, the Os should focus on getting Davis those records. The hitter can earn his HR mark himself but racking up the RBIs requires a consistent offensive team to help.

Baltimore have the offense in Adam Jones (161 hits), Nick Markakis (143) and Manny Machado (167) capable of aiding Davis and, while there is now no hope of a playoff place, the team still has a reason to play ball this September.


Article written by Joe Short  

Chris Davis image courtesy of Getty Images

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August 08, 2013

Clint Dempsey deal to Sounders shows MLS progression

In all transfer windows, there’s always one shock deal that pops out from nowhere while the majority of the world focus on a number of mouth-watering deals dominating the transfer betting specials online.
Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated the press and (surprise, surprise) none of them have left their current clubs.
Yet there is one deal that has shocked a few members of the press and that is the Clint Dempsey transfer to the Seattle Sounders.
Unlike other footballers, Dempsey was already plying his trade in the MLS before making the big step-up to the Premier League. The underrated American international finally got his big break last season when he joined Tottenham Hotspur in a £6million move from Fulham. Dempsey was a big part of the Spurs team last year but with the new signings, which have made Spurs 15/8 to finish in the top four next season, he’s been dropped down the pecking order and has now been allowed to leave.
But the question is: why return to the States? There would have been plenty of clubs interested in his services both in England and in Europe, yet the former Fulham man has decided to return home.
There is of course the money, but you can’t ignore the fact that the MLS is far more appealing than it once was. The arrival of David Beckham, followed by the likes of Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane would have been laughed off years ago.
Now, players are considering the switch, with the competitive league and way of life proving difficult to turn down. The MLS is now a league which is getting the respect it deserves from across Europe and Dempsey won’t be the last to make the trip across the Atlantic.
Many players make the move in their 30s, but if the MLS keeps improving it won’t be too long before the younger generation decides to make the move at the start of their careers.
Dempsey image courtesy of Getty Images

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June 23, 2013

Wild deer runs onto horse track in Kentucky, tries to catch them (Video)

Back on Saturday, a rare sight was seen at the Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington, Kentucky as a rogue deer decided to try his/her hand at racing the horses.

The below video shows a couple of race horses practicing on the track and check out the small fawn attempted to track down both of them:

Who knew Bambi had such speed?

(Courtesy of Bush League Chronicles)

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June 22, 2013

Chicken mascot wearing James Harden jersey tackles streaker (Video)

Last weekend, a streaker decided to interrupt a rugby match in New Zealand between the Otago Highlanders and The Blues of Aukland on Saturday.

He probably would have gotten away with it too except that "AJ the Chicken" wearing a James Harden  jersey was able to track him down:

(Courtesy of The Big Lead)

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June 21, 2013

James Gandolfini once recited Lou Gehrig's famous speech in 2002

Back on June 2002, recently-deceased actor James Gandolfini recited Lou Gehrig's famous speech at Yankees Stadium.


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Twitter users confuses death of actor James Gandolfini with former Dolphins head coach

In terms of celebrity death news, the death of actor James Gandolfini (who played Tony Soprano on "The Sopranos") shocked many people.

As you might figure, the game of Twitter hearsay caused some to be confused with former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano.

Check out some tweets that people sent out regarding the "death of Tony Sparano":

(Courtesy of SB Nation)

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June 20, 2013

Texas TV station accidentally cuts to promo during game four Stanley Cup game-winning goal

If you happened to be watching game four of the Stanley Cup Finals in Austin, Texas, there is the distinct possibility that you might have missed Chicago's game-winner by Brent Seabrook to tie the series at 2.

That's because NBC affiliate KXAN accidentally ran a station promo and commercials during the game-winning score:

As you might figure, KXAN issues an on-air apology during their 11pm newscast:

(Courtesy of Barstool Sports)

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Baltimore Orioles misspell Matt Wieters name on plaque

Most of the time, I would expect that professional sports teams would be able to know how to spell current players names but there are times when mistakes can be made.

Check out the below plaque that the Baltimore Orioles did for catcher Matt Wieters after he hit a home run onto Eutaw Street:

Remember folks, "I before E except after C".

(Courtesy of Gamedayr)

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June 19, 2013

Torrey Smith does "Ray Lewis" dance with wife for engagement photos

For those of you not in the know about Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith, he recently got engaged to girlfriend, Chantel Williams.

As part of their engagement photos, both of them decided to take the field at M&T Bank Stadium and do the "Ray Lewis" dance:

(Courtesy of Reddit NFL)

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