April 29, 2009

2 A.M. Two-Fer: Dwight Howard Throwin' Dem Bows!

What up home skillets? Presentation out of the way, let's get you s'more NBA action. Honestly, the muy-muy deep west rungs have proven sodden and Chris Dudley like (not hating on the man - gotta commend any athlete who played through diabetes - just hating on the flat-footed game and the wet-noodle in the chamber name). I mean, just drubbing after drubbing (a 58 point loss? they should just give the Hornets a mercy rule buh-bye already). Howard-ever, the East has given us a few truly rousing first round match-ups. Lebron and Co. dominated, which was exhilirating despite its brevity. Dwayne Wade vs. the Atlanta Falcons I mean Hawks? Who knows what's up with that series. And the Celtics-Bulls feels more epic, really, than the trumped up Celtics-Lakers media frenzy of last year's finals.

But the emergent diamond in the rough? Magic-Sixers. Sure, it's a match-up thing. But so was Magic-Pistons. The point is, we're seeing marquee performances by multiple participants in this bout. Iguodala has stepped up, demanding the raves for his defensive prowess by showering us with some O. Turkoglu has proven SVG right about going to him late. And then there's D-Ho. He nailed the free throws to tie it up in Game 3. In Game 5, he went Malone on the 76ers. After the game, he said, "It's not like I'm out there trying to hurt anybody." But please, Dwight! Please! Thsi is what we want to see out of you. For Patrick Chewing's sake, throw them bows! Do like Damp, in fact (I can't believe I'm typing that), and lay 'em on their backs! Don't, of course, send the surging Courtney Lee to the hospital again, but still, more plays like this please:

By Sean "Ho'omana'o" (previously "snagamat") with No comments


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