April 30, 2009

Ron Artest calls Barkley Overrated, Roy GOAT

Heading into these 2009 NBA playoffs, we all knew the marquee match-up to look for was Lebron-Kobe, and comparisons were on everyone's lips. Ron Artest, however, said Wednesday night that Brandon Roy is, in fact, the best player he's ever played against (see above. also: a shakier version including the obligatory TNT studio ribbing feat. C-Webb). He went on to say that he'd have loved to have played against MJ in his prime (and that Jordan shared the sentiment), conjecturing that His Airness would've "given" the Artest still known as Artest 50 points. Odd how a defensive player would see a high scoring endeavor from his cover as a gift. Keep in mind that one of these summer battles Artest mentions saw him break a aging G.O.A.T.'s rib and suck out the marrow. But Ron-Ron's always been a little different.

Which brings us to the juicy meat of our dribble. When asked to measure up the TNT broadcast crew, Artest ignored Kenny and EJ but went right at the soft front-belly of Sir Charles, calling the Round Mound of Rebound "a bit overrated," "a little small," and adding "he had no defense." Now, it's a moot point whether Barkley or Artest are better, although the Chuckster is a pretty certain hall of famer, while Artest ain't so shirley (unless that comes with a side helping of Paul, mind you). There are two important quibbles, though. First of all, Ron probably hasn't seen Charles lately, as no one with 20/20 would call MJ's golf buddy "small." Secondly, the truly salient point to argue is who is funnier. Artest with his sometime monotone and always over the top and plummeting back down again? Or Barkley with his rolling good humor and outspoken Occam's Razor-ness? To settle this, we present you with representative videos of both humorists:

As a final note, keep in mind this isn't the first time Artest has verbally dissed Barkley, nor is it the first time a player has taken a swipe (that's King James, by the by) at the tv persona that is Charles Barkley.

By Sean "Ho'omana'o" (previously "snagamat") with No comments


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