April 06, 2009

FirstMerit Bank is pretty into LeBron James

Now I was just trying to do some banking online today with FirstMerit when I noticed a little thing in the corner that said "LeBron for MVP - Check this out." I'm curious, so I did. And wow, wish I had earlier.

FirstMerit wants LeBron James to be the NBA MVP. I guess it makes sense capitalizing on the one successful team in the Cleveland area, but check out some of the stuff they're doing to support LeBron (courtesy of the site):

1. "Lighting up the night sky for LeBron" - Each evening as the sun sets, the east side windows of FirstMerit's headquarters tower spell "MVP" for all to see. In support of LeBron's selection as the NBA MVP, the lighting display will shine throughout the rest of the season which ends April 15 with a home game against Philadelphia (Yes that's the headquarters pictured above).

2. "LeBron for MVP" Day in FirstMerit Branches - Friday April 3rd will be "LeBron for MVP" Day in all FirstMerit branches. Customers will have the opportunity to be photographed emulating LeBron's crowd-pleasing pre-game ritual of throwing powder in the air. FirstMerit is inviting everyone to stop by and show their support.

Personally, I'm really really sad that I missed LeBron for MVP day. There's a FirstMerit right in the center of town and this would've been a way better post if it had a picture of me throwing powder for all of my bank to see. Regardless, it's still pretty ridiculous for a bank to be this into a local sports star. But hey, whatever it takes I guess.

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