April 01, 2009

Gotta Love a Gimmick - Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone...Wrestling?

It may seem like a joke (and the actual "wrestling" is sort of a joke), but Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman actually had a short lived stint in the WCW. In this match, Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman battle Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone. Malone isn't too good a wrestler, but Rodman has got some moves.

If you want a little more NBA/WCW crossover action, check out this video of Rodman and Hogan battling The Giant and Lex Luger.

By SpastikMooss with 2 comments


I gotta say, this is one gimmick I absolutely adore. Watching the other vid you linked to, though, it occurs to me how imperative it is for a wrestler to be able to make impassioned speeches. Rodman's repeated "C'mon! Where you at?" just don't do as much for me as "Hollywood" Hogan's scratchy screaming.

Agreed dude. You forget how much annunciation and verbosity count in "wrestling," and Rodman is definitely lacking in all areas that don't include agility.

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