April 25, 2009

Jimmy Fallon has played Madden 2010 already.....

On last night's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", Fallon had on Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to talk about Madden 2010 and his role of being the cover athlete.

He then did an entertaining skit where he replaced an injured Kellen Clemens with failed results. The one impressive thing is the graphics shown from Madden 2010 which is arguably the best seen in a sports video game.

However, checking out the "Behind the scenes" section of Late Night shows Fallon playing an early copy of Madden 2010. If you needed another reason to hate Jimmy Fallon, you now have it.

Oh well, at least Fallon redeems himself by having Emily Deschanel on last night.

By Ben Chew with No comments


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