May 25, 2009

Cornell vs. Syracuse Division 1 Lacrosse Final - One For the Ages

After this game ended, a 10-9 Syracuse win in overtime after a furious 3 goal comeback, my brother turned to me and said "This just may be the greatest sporting event I've ever personally witnessed." And you know, I just may have to agree.

Down 9-6 with about 5 minutes left, Cuse finally began to attack on offense after missing the net all day long. But even then, it seemed too little too late, as Cornell had the ball and a one goal lead with 27 seconds left on the clock. It all seemed to be over.

But Cornell couldn't manage to clear the ball. The long pole carrying the ball lost it around midfield, and a cuse midfielder picked it up. In triple coverage, he threw up a behind the back prayer of a pass that was caught about 20 yards downfield by a Cuse attackman. This attackman ran a bit, then got himself into double coverage, but somehow got off a pass across crease to Kenny Nims. Nims, with 4.6 seconds left, threw a single fake on Cornell Keeper Jake Myers before putting the ball in the net. Possibly, or rather probably, the GREATEST twenty five seconds of lacrosse I have ever seen (and the funny thing is, Nims has done this before).

Overtime was essentially all Syracuse's (losing a three goal lead in five minutes killed all Cornell momentum). After a quick strip on defense by Sid Smith (and his flowing locks) Cuse held the ball for about two minutes before finally scoring on an awkward pass and shoot (the goal was on the doorstep, but the pass to set it up was sort of an awkward lob), and the crowd absolutely erupted (There were about 50,000 fans present in total and it definitely felt like 2/3 of them were Cuse fans).

Without further adieu, my thoughts on specifics:

Player of the Game: This is a really tough one. I was all set to give it Cornell Midfielder John Glynn, who scored at least a hat trick and also won nearly every faceoff of the first three quarters. However, it's Cuse who eventually came out on top in the end, and their dominance on fourth quarter faceoffs had a lot to do with that. It's tempting to go with Nims and his game tying goal, or Cody Jamieson (who scored the game winner) or even Sid Smith (who had the excellent strip in overtime to set up the game winner). However, I'm giving player of the game to the player who threw the over the shoulder pass that set up the game tying goal by Nims. For now he will remain anonymous since I have no idea who he was, but his pass could not have been much more perfect, and so I give him credit for an amazing play.

Play/Goal of the Game: The Nims Goal. As if there was any question. Although Ryan Hurley of Cornell made a sweet cut around the crease with a dump to John Glynn to set up one of Cornell's last goals, and that would have been the goal of the game if not for the last second heroics of Cuse.

How Far Cuse Had to Come Back: At around 10 minutes left in the 4th Quarter, the game was 7-6 Cornell and looking close. Cornell's Jake Myers made a huge save on the doorstep, but as he was on the ground a Cuse player scooped the ball up and over him for an apparent goal. However, the player was in the crease, the goal was called back, and Cuse was deflated. Cornell then went on to possess the ball for three straight minutes (including 2 Cuse penalties) until Max Seibald put in goal number 8 for Cornell. It only got worse when goal number 9 scored, but Cuse refused to lay down and take it, and you have to give them credit for that.

Damn You Played Good, Sorry You Lost: John Glynn, as mentioned, played lights out today. Jake Myers, who I've already mentioned several times in this post, also was incredible. His best save (and probably the save of the game) came with 4 seconds left in the first half on a point blank Cuse scoring opportunity, which is pretty strange when you consider how the game tying goal scored. I guess shot opportunities with 4 seconds left were just kind of Syracuse's thing today.

Hawker of the Tournament: I'm tempted to go with this one guy who shouted great things like "Buy my stuff" and "Getch ya Cheesy Deliciousness Here," but my choice is one Italian Ice Hawker from Sunday's Division 2 Game. His classic line? "Get your italian ice here. See the world in another dimension. The Italian Dimension. Unbelievable."

By SpastikMooss with 1 comment


You got it right. What an incredible game! And I didn't know lacrosse crowds could get so large and appreciative.

A gorgeous afternoon for a truly memorable sports event.


Just enjoying great sports.

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