May 05, 2009

Lakers-Rockets: Blood, Fouls, Knees, and Willis Reed

The Lakers and Rockets skipped the pleasantries Monday night and went right for the jugular of playoff intensity tropes. Though the Rockets won, the Lakers drew first blood. Above is a video of Shane Battier getting a Machine elbow to the noggin. Hey Shane, the way to take a charge ain't with your face. Those nuts n' bolts ain't so glorious when they're attached to a greasy Slovenian, are they Shiz-ane? Nor does being a glue guy keep your dome together, huh? Puns intended, but I do feel some remorse. It's quite incredible that the refs didn't see the blood and Battier had to wave it in their faces. It did look strikingly similar to the color of the Rockets' jerseys.

Your second vid for tonight is of Kobe taking out the knee of a big man not on his team. All kidding aside, it's a relief to see Yao didn't sustain any serious damage. All kidding back at center stage, these "Where Amazing Happens" videos are getting a bit out of hand. It's kind of like that Dwayne Wade commercial. The point is he gets back up, but you can't keep from noticing how gratuitous the getting down for this business is. And seriously? A Willis Reed moment already? It's the first game of the second round. C'mon, people.

By Sean "Ho'omana'o" (previously "snagamat") with No comments


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