May 11, 2009

Phil Jackson believed the Rockets should get “****ing” credit

During the postgame of the Los Angeles Lakers game four loss to the Houston Rockets, a reporter asked Lakers coach Phil Jackson if his team should be embarrassed the way they played the game.

Phil Jackson then stated for the record that he believed that Houston deserved some “****ing credit” for the way that they played the game. He credited Aaron Brooks and Shane Battier as being the major catalysts in the Rockets 99-87 victory.

It was made more impressive that the Rockets did it without Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Ron Artest having an off-night as well. We have give some credit to the Rockets team and head coach Rick Adelman for getting the Rockets ready to perform instead of ready to dig themselves an open grave.

In regards to Jackson’s comments, I agree with his position except for the language he used. Most sports writers these days like to place blame on a team for underperforming and rightfully so. However, we have to consider that sometimes in the NBA, a team plays well on a given day and another team underperforms. Hopefully the media will not blow the use of the F-bomb in this instant since it was not used in any malicious way.

However this is not the only time that Phil has dropped the F-Bomb, former Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D’Antoni with one back in 2007.

(The above clip is NSFW, the second one is okay)

(Courtesy of Tirico Suave)

By Ben Chew with 1 comment


Battier's early shooting boosted the Rockets. Phil Jackson's "I won't call a timeout no matter how much I get behind early" strategy backfired. LA got into a hole it couldn't get out of. The Lakers should take it but it's become an interesting series. Still looking for Lakers/Nuggets winner vs the Cavs with Lebron lighting up the Finals.


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