June 17, 2009

Remembering the OJ Chase

It's odd to say that this video of the OJ chase comes from way back in 1994, but that is the truth (The video was taken from a retrospective done in 2008 by the MSNBC show "Verdict with Dan Abrams"). The O.J. "White Bronco" chase will forever be one of the most remembered moments of the 1990's and forever changed people's opinion of the man once known as "The Juice." Today is the 15th anniversary of the chase, which occurred on June 17th, 1994.

Prior to this chase, O.J.'s former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her current husband Ron Goldman were found brutally murdered. Lawyers originally told O.J. to turn himself in at about 11am but O.J. did not show up to that alleged meeting time at the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police then issued an all-points bulletin to bring in O.J., and then this low-speed chase made history. Many people were glued to the television sets watching Al Cowling's White Bronco travel down Interstate 405 as police tried to talk O.J. down from shooting himself and instead give himself up to police custody.

Eventually the chase ended at the Simpson residence and Simpson surrendered himself to authorities after being talked to by his attorney Robert Shapiro.

As it seems so long ago, it is still fresh in most of our minds. It is one of the few moments that we can remember where we were when it happened. Although, I cannot remember alot from it, I do remember seeing that White Bronco go slowly down that freeway.

NBC and ABC coverage of the event pulled extraordinary ratings for the coverage and even forced NBC to cut into their coverage of the 1994 NBA Finals. In this society, that would rarely happen which speaks to the magnitude of this event.

Eventually O.J. was found not guilty, but the shadow of the murders and the Bronco chase will still live for him and people that saw it happen.

(Information used in this article was from an Wikipedia article regarding the O.J. Simpson murder case)

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