June 08, 2009

When Albert Pujols Hits a Sacrifice Fly, it's Worth 2 Runs

It's already on Yahoo Sports and the St. Louis Cardinals Home Page, so I figure everyone's seen it. But Albert Pujols hit a sacrifice fly yesterday against the Rockies. Only it wasn't your standard variation where one runner tags up and walks in from third to score. Instead, after Carlos Gonzalez's great catch in left center, TWO runners tageed up and scored, including Colby Rasmus from second base. A great video of the play is here (the Cardinals page).

It's not the first time it's happened, as it happened twice last year (before that not since 1991). But it's a pretty rare feat for the most part, and a true testament to how awesome Mr. Pujols is with the bat. The Rockies went on to beat Albert Pujols, 7-2.

By SpastikMooss with 1 comment



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