July 30, 2009

Is the Red Sox World Series title in 2004 tainted?

The recent news of Manny Ramirez testing positive for steroids has put a sour face on the game of Major League baseball and now we have the news that his teammate David Ortiz tested positive back in 2003 along with him.

Big Papi back in an older television interview stated that any steroid users should be "banned for one year." Well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. However, I'm going to turn a blind eye since many players were juicing in 2003 but the real question that it does bring up is the 2004 World Series Title tainted due to this new knowledge?

It is really tough to not have an opinion at this point and it feels that the 2004 title has a cloud over it now much similar to the cloud Barry Bonds had when he broke Aaron's record.

Did either of them juice in 2004 though? Well, that is something I guess we will never know since we cannot assume that either decided to stop using performance-enhancing substances during the 2004 season. We could assume the best-case scenario that they did but it is tough to trust any Major League Baseball player from that era now.

Major League Baseball from 1998-2007 has become a black eye in the game of baseball and really should be noted as "the steroid era" for the historical records. It will be interesting to see how Boston reacts to one of their favored sons tested positive. He was the guy who helped beat the hated Yankees in the ALCS for Christ sake.

Does the World Series in 2004 become tainted though? I guess on some level it does, sure there were many athletes on that team that were clean but when you have two bad apples, it spoils the rest of them.

The sad part is that the 2004 Red Sox win in the World Series changed the lives of the people in Boston who never saw a World Series title and now the cloud of the "steroid era" is now permanently affixed to "reversing the curse."

By Ben Chew with 3 comments


No more tainted than any other series around then to me. As everyone's said (including Papi), the percentage of non juicers in that time period was real low. If everyone is juicing, it doesn't really taint it as much. Still sucks. But I'd say a whole ton of baseball between like 1996 and 2005 is tainted in that case.

I wouldn't especially call out the Sox title. But it does hurt to see that Ortiz juiced.

The one positive for Red Sox fans is the other World Series title since it does seem to take less of the heat off of them.

I will say though, I did not see this one coming.

Well, if you're from Boston then you don't think the titles are tainted. But mention Barry Bonds and the entire New England area screams "Astrisk!" So let's allow common sense to determine the answer: If Barry Bonds cheated, then so did the Red Sox sluggers. If you crucify one player and then celebrate another for the same thing, then your credibility on the issue is destroyed. Not that people in Boston have a lot of credibility when it comes to judging cheaters. I will end this now so all of the Red Sox and Patriot fans can prove my point with their comments.

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