July 26, 2009

Drew Bennett Playing For the Ravens? Nevermore!

The Ravens were initially screwed by the sudden retirement of Derrick Mason, last year's leading receiver. All that changed, however, when they signed Drew Bennett to a one year contract two days ago. Clearly things were headed in the right direction.

Until now. According to Adam Schefter and Sharapova's Thigh on Twitter, Bennett is done after re aggravating an old knee injury. Schefter quotes him as saying, "I've been blessed to have the opp to play in NFL for as long as I have but it's time for me to move on to next chapter in my life."

Sucks to be Bennett. He always seemed like a good guy, and this seemed like an awesome opportunity for him.

Sucks even more for the Ravens though. First you're set with Mason, now Bennett, now nothing.
And you thought your weekend was bad. Time for some awkward call backs to all those guys they sent home without a job three days ago. Can you say D.J. Hackett?D

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