August 25, 2009

Jim Traber's love of Oklahoma City knows no bounds

Most of you probably have little clue who Jim Traber is. I'll be honest that I had to google his career in Major League Baseball. Recently, he came under fire for comments he made on his radio show about OKC Thunder player Nick Collison on his Twitter page about the weather in Oklahoma City compared to Seattle.

He has subsequently apologized for taking the comment out of context and it appeared to be the end of that little saga. Then, however I recently read an article produced by Royce Young of the "Daily Thunder" about how he called them, a "little Thunder chat room" and putting Royce on hold for ninety minutes when he tried to call into his radio show.

In my book, that's pretty classless putting someone on hold for ninety mintues and the comments made about the city of Seattle is absolutely out of line since Collison's Twitter comment was pretty standard. Collison did not rip Oklahoma City, he just compared the weather which is in triple digits in OKC to the 60's in Seattle. The response that he gave on Traber's show was solid and thought-out while Traber's looked rushed and blantly biased.

As a former radio host, I know most of these people have ego's the size of Montana and will say whatever they want to get ratings or increase viewershup. Traber is one of those individuals, but I will say that he has the freedom to comment on how great he thinks Oklahoma City is and that is his right to do so. That is his opinion, but there is no reason to put Seattle in the cross hairs because someone else prefers living there.

Let's be honest: Seattle and Oklahoma City are two drastically different places and people will prefer to live where they want to live. In the end, Traber continues to further the stereotype of "local yolkel living in OKC" who sees someone bad-mouth their city and take everything out of context.

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Oklahoma City
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