October 08, 2009

The Top 5 reasons to love the UFL

For those of you that do not know, there another professional football league waiting to open their doors to your football craving. The United Football League will plays its inaugural game today at 9pm est/6 pm pst on Versus between the California Redwoods and the Las Vegas Locomotives.

Some of you might decide not to give this league a chance and scoff at it much like Arena Football, NFL Europe, or the United States Football League. However, here are five reasons that you should love the UFL.

5) Former NFL coaches/NFL Players that you actually recognize:

The normal problem with some of these smaller professional leagues is the lack of recognizable players and coaches on the field.

Well, the UFL has that problem solved with recognizable names in both fields. The teams are lead by former NFL head coaches Ted Cottrell, Dennis Green, Jim Fassell, and Jim Haslett.

The main roster for all four of the UFL teams included many recognizable former NFL players including, former Buffalo QB JP Losman, former Denver RB Tatum Bell, former Patriots/Vikings TE Jermaine Wiggins, former Kansas City WR Sammie Parker, Former Carolina punter Todd Sauerbrun and former Super Bowl MVP of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dexter Jackson.

4) The Uniforms:

I’m probably going to be in the minority in this one but I actual do like the uniforms that some of the teams wear.

We finally have some space-age looking uniforms from the New York Sentinels and California Redwoods. They are probably not going to have a huge impact on the field but they will on your television.

3) There are only 4 teams:

I think one of the problems with the NFL is over-expansion and the one positive of the UFL is there are only four teams.

It takes us back to the old days of football when you only had one televised game and the days before Wild Card teams won a Super Bowl.

The league will also give you some more free time to enjoy the rest of your life since there are only two games to keep track of every week. Meaning, your wife won’t nag you for watching football all Sunday and you can tell her, Thursday night and Saturday night are the only times your watching which means she will leave you alone.

Worst case scenario, you can tell your friends that you’re not feeding the NFL’s monopolistic value system. (Hey, it might be a solid way to get chicks as well)

2) You watching future NFL players or players trying to reclaim past glory:

Remember Tommy Maddox? He was the MVP of the XFL and eventually quarterbacked the Pittsburgh Steelers to a playoff win. Maddox’s NFL career prior to the XFL would have been written off as a failure but now it is seen as a bright spot.

The best part of these smaller leagues is seeing players stepping up to try and make an NFL roster or veterans who look to be at the end of the line get themselves back in the league.

Also, your favorite NFL team could be taking a look at these prospects, wouldn’t you like to brag to your friends that you knew them when they played in the UFL?

1) Its Professional Football, Nuff Said:

Why do you think that Arena Football League, USFL, XFL, and NFL Europe lasted for as long as they did? America is a crazed football sanctuary and most of us are crazed even to watch these games.

Some NFL fans watch games from the previous week, classic games where they already know the outcome, and hell, I have even heard of people video-tapping Madden games to watch.

If there is football, that’s a reason for you to watch it. Hell, at least it will keep your football juices flowing in between the NFL season. In the end, I am all for that.

By Ben Chew with 2 comments


This was a sarcastic article, right? Okay, just checking.

OK, some points made we're at least entertaining. I do agree that people are football crazed, I know I am, but XFL only lasted on year, should have stuck around because it takes 3 years for people to gain interest. I like the idea for UFL, but 4 teams isn't enough, I don't care how you sugarcoat it. I seriously hope they expand. If I was a millionaire/billionaire, I'd try and buy a team just to add one in, besides, I'm in the self promotion field, I know I could get people interested, simply by doing things that are so obvious noone would think of them.

Come to think of it, are you guys hiring, HAHA!!!

"Your RoleModel" Ric Lieb,
Co-Host of Smart Mark Radio

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