November 15, 2009

Dan Marino did not learn from South Park

If I remember correctly, an episode of South Park told us not to use curse words in vain. Well, I guess Dan Marino never learned that lesson.

During a halftime segment for CBS, Marino was calling the highlights for the Miami Dolphins-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game and accidentally dropped the s-word.

Great, now I have go find the magical rune stone of the Order of Standards and Practice.

(Courtesy of Pro Football Talk)

By Ben Chew with 3 comments


you guys a looking for controversy where none exists. Marino said "finish it off" nothing more. He did stumble while he was saying it so it can be interpreted differently if you weren't paying attention, but it's clear what he really said. Thanks for wasting my time with this false headline.

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I'll agree with you that it sounded like this,

"FINI...SH IT Off"

Oh, well the blogopshere jumped the gun again. Curse you Florio!

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