November 17, 2009

Same Old Story For Browns Fans

Fresh off a bye week where GM Georke Kokinis was fired, talk of a boycott from fans , another swith of the quarterback, talk of your running back hanging up his cleats after this season, and word that your quarterbacks coach is going to have more say in play calling brought Cleveland fans the same result they been seeing all season, another ugly loss. Not only did they lose, they hung a big fat old goose egg on the scoreboard. And to top it off,the only playmaker on the team gets carted off the field on a stretcher at the end of the game.

There is a long ways to go before this team becomes a winning team. First off they need a owner that brings in playmakers. The only playmaker on the team is a specials team player. They have a offensive line that doesn't block, a running back thats at the end of his career, and no receiver that can catch the ball. Thats just on the offensive side of the ball.

Now for the defensive, they have no consistent pass rush and can't tackle at all. They can't figure out how to use the only pass rusher they have in Kamerion Wimbley. They have a pro bowl linebacker in D'Qwell Jackson as a building block at the linebacker position. The defensive back position is filled with back ups and over rated players that can't cover their own shadows.

So for you fans in Cleveland, until your owner opens up his wallet and brings in playmakers and experienced coaches that know how to win, your going to continue to see ugly football in northeast Ohio and lottery picks for many seasons ahead.

By RScott with 1 comment


Hey, Mass can catch. Problem is that he'd be a decent third WR on a team or something given his lack of experience and stuff. Having him be the #1...not good.

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