August 16, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Player Gets Stuck In Elevator, Freaks Out On Twitter

For those of you afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, you probably want to look away from the rest of this story.

On Monday night, Dallas Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher got stuck in a elevator for over fifteen minutes at Cowboys team hotel in Arlington, Texas.

So, he decided to do what Angels outfielder Torii Hunter did and send some Tweets out his followers to help him get out:

Im stuck in the elevator.. They can’t get me out til the people get here in 15 min.. Smh!!! I got sleep to get!!!!

The fire department are come get me out!!! Smh!!! What a night!!!!

Look at my friends who got me out the elevator.. Whew!!! I’m glad I’m out!!! Lmao!!!

Thanks to all my followers for your support while I was in the elevator.. Mean alot to me.. Y’all kept me sane.. I’m claustrophobic!! Lmao!!

Thankfully, everyone is okay and Hatcher made some new friends:

(Courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude)

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