August 31, 2011

High School Team Pays Tribute To Dead Teammate, Gets Called For Excessive Celebration (Video)

In one of the more depressing stories of the week, Louisville High School in Ohio took on Cleveland Walsh Jesuit in the game of football that ended in a controversial fashion.

With less than two minutes remaining Louisville's Alex Schooley appeared to catch the game winning 29-yard touchdown and celebrated along with fellow teammate Gavin Lovejoy by pointing to sky in the honor of fellow deceased friend.

Then a referee decided to throw a flag penalizing Louisville for excessive celebration:

Sadly for Louisville, the penalty gave Cleveland Walsh Jesuit good field position and led to a game winning field goal in Cleveland's 27-26 win.

(Courtesy of Prep Rally)

By Ben Chew with 1 comment


I shot the game video for this game:

Full Highlights and complete game story here:

Thanks for embedding the other video too!

- Leopard Nation

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