August 16, 2011

The One Where Torii Hunter Gets Stuck In An Oxygen Chamber

The one positive of the world of Twitter is that if you ever run into danger, you can just Twitter your followers and someone might help you out.

Angels outfielder Torii Hunter ran into that problem as he got stuck in an oxygen chamber at Angels Stadium and couldn't get out.

So, he decided to Tweet these messages to his followers to help him get out:

At the stadium zipped up in an oxygen chamber and there is no one around to let me out. I have to use the restroom. LET ME OUT!!

Still trapped but I'm ok know. Used a Gatorade bottle. Hope I don't get thirsty. Awww that's nasty! Lol

Thankfully, someone came to his rescue and Torri thanks his Twitter peeps for helping him out:

Finally someone came to my rescue. I just want to thank u guys in twitter world for hearing my cry. I forgot my Gatorade in the tank. Oh well hope nobody drinks it. Lol...

(Courtesy of Torri Hunter's Twitter)

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