September 07, 2011

Cheerleader Gets Run Into By High School Football Player (Video)

It wouldn't be high school football season without a high school football player running into a cheerleader.

The below video happened in South Carolina as Garrett Academy of Technology wide receiver Desmone McGougan collided with cheerleader Simone Gray as he tried to make a catch near the sidelines:

(Courtesy of Bob's Blitz)

By Ben Chew with 3 comments


From the video, it appears that the cheerleader was standing in the restricted zone. It is defined by the broken line outside of the boundary or out-of-bounds line. By definition, a restraining line is a line placed around the outside of the field. No person, including but not limited to, spectators, game administrators or members
of the media, shall be allowed within the restraining line.

looked like the receiver was doing his best to not land on top of the cheerleader and to try to keep her on her feet also. good job, young man!

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