September 01, 2011

Cliff Lee Will Not Run Out His Groundout, Thank You Very Much (Video)

Most of us know that Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee is better on the hill than in the batter's box.

During yesterday's Reds/Phillies affair, Lee ground out in the fourth inning to Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips.

Since Lee knew he was going to be thrown out, Lee didn't even attempt to run it out:

(Courtesy of MLB Video)

By Ben Chew with 6 comments


Bobby Cox would've benched him!

Normally this would piss me off. However, when you're pitching like the second-coming of Sandy Koufax, I'm willing to cut you a lot of slack.

There is no reason someone getting paid to play a game shouldn't do their best, this is pathetic and there is no excuse. I'd do more than bench him.

You'd bench him? Really? You'd bench Cliff Lee? When you're pitching shutouts left and right, who gives a shit what you do at the plate? Oh yea! He also has 2 homers this year, and also had a month where he batted in more runs than he allowed opposing teams to score on him, so there's that.

Verlander would have run it out ;)

Puh-leez. You drama queens claiming you'd suspend him or that this is somehow wrong...what happens if the Phillies coaching staff punishes Lee somehow, then the next time up, he runs out a grounder, sprains an ankle or pulls a hammie, and he's injured well into the playoffs? You'd be calling for some coach's head on a platter. The whole reason to want everyday players to run these out is the fact that putting pressure on the opposing team may force an error if the other players rush the play. That never would happen with Lee running. Why take the chance of injuring him when you're so close to heading into the playoffs with the best record in baseball?

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