September 15, 2011

Denver Broncos Fans To Buy "Anti Kyle Orton" Billboard

On some level, you have to feel sorry for Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton who has drawn the ire of some fans who want Tim Tebow to start.

Recently on a Denver Broncos message board, a group of fans have decided to put up the money to put an anti Kyle Orton billboard in Denver, Colorado:

Eight Broncos fans who planned on attending the Super Bowl have instead focused their resources on another cause: running QB Kyle Orton out of town.

The clan of eight die hards, led by Independence, Ky., native Jesse Oaks, have pooled the $10,000 they planned to spend on a trip to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, and intend to buy a Denver-area billboard expressing their disgust with the team's QB situation.

Oaks rallied his group and took to the team forum on with his proposed billboard idea around 1 PM ET Wednesday. The thread exploded and Oaks says he received hundreds of emails, most offering encouragement and contributions.

In case you wanted to know, the group stated that they weren't specifically for back-up Tim Tebow but more along the lines that the group wanted someone else other that Kyle Orton as a quarterback.

(Courtesy of USA Today's The Huddle)

By Ben Chew with No comments


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