September 15, 2011

Boston Statues Wearing New England Patriots Hoodies In Honor Of Bill Belichick TV Special (Photo)

Recently, the NFL Network announced that they would be doing a special series into the life of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

In honor of the first episode which will be shown tomorrow, the city of Boston decided to deck out some local area statues in the trademark Bill Belichick hoodie:

Among the figures to be adorned: Mayor James Michael Curley, whose iron-fisted rule presaged Belichick’s reign over the Pats; Christopher Columbus, who led Europeans to the New World, as Belichick would lead New England to the Super Bowl; John Singleton Copley, a leading Colonial artist, whose skilled brushwork evokes Belichick’s pinpoint play-calling.

The hoodie will also appear on the tortoise and hare statues in Copley Square - no clue as to any Belichick connection there.
I will say that Christopher Columbus never looked so good:

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