October 29, 2011

Czech Soccer Referee Gets Drunk, Then Refs Soccer Game

Just when you thought you had heard it all from the world of soccer, this gem falls out of the tree of a Czech soccer referee who decided to have a couple drinks at a friend's birthday party before a scheduled match.

During the match between Jestrabi Lhota and Tynec nad Labem, referee Tomas Fidra in his drunken stupor decided to start ejecting players and that's when suspicions started that he was under influence:
The referee fell over several times and when some of the Jestrabi players asked if he was alright half an hour into the game, Fidra promptly sent three of them off. With the match in disarray Tynec sportingly agreed not to attack against their eight-man opponents and the match finished in a 1-1 draw.
Police were called to the scene and breathalysed Fidra, who was more than nine times over the Czech drink-driving limit. He faces a 12-month ban from refereeing. The game will be replayed next month with the 1-1 draw expunged from the records.
Most would assume, that there is a rule that prevents an official from refereeing a game under influence of alcohol but from all accounts, there isn't one:
"There's no rule which bans a drunk referee from taking charge of a match," said Jestrabi official Karel Dusek. "If we had refused to continue to play, we could have been sanctioned."
 (Courtesy of Independent.IE)

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