October 07, 2011

Joaquin Benoit Forced To Remove Band-Aid During Tigers/Yankees Game 5 (Video)

During last night's game five of the ALDS between the Detroit Tigers/New York Yankees, Tigers pitcher Jaoquin Benoit had a rather bizarre moment occur in the seventh innings.

Yankees manager Joe Giradi decided to do a little bit of gamesmanship as he forced Benoit to remove a band-aid that was on his face:

Benoit was phased as he got out of the seventh inning and the Tigers moved onto the American League Championship Series to face the Texas Rangers.

By Ben Chew with 2 comments


Girardi wanted the band aid for after the game to cover the Yankees wounded ego. Benoit did oblige.

Oh, come ON. Was Garcia's wristband their for issues of health, as I would imagine a band-aid is intended to do? This is real petty BS. Serves the Yankees right for losing.

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