November 24, 2011

Jason Witten Gets First Down And Cowboys Cheerleader (Video)

For the first play of the fourth quarter in the Dolphins/Cowboys affair, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten caught a pass from Tony Romo and got the first down while running out of bounds.

In the process, Witten got tackled into a Cowboys cheerleader and chatted her up for a few seconds to make sure she was okay:

By Ben Chew with 12 comments


He ran out of bounds and was tackled into the cheerleader. Didn't you watch the video???


What a scum bag. Watch his right arm. He reachs out and grabs her by the shoulder and PULLS her down. This was intentional and he should be fined. Maybe she turned him down the other day and this is payback. It was NOT an accident.

You're an idiot (anonymous) He reached out and grabbed her so he could keep her from getting crushed. She wasn't even looking, which is why a world class athlete reacted the way he did. No different than if he were to run towards a kid. He controlled her fall realizing that she could've been hurt had he not.

yes he controlled her fall, but what i want to know is where was the flag for late hit out of bounds? later in the game we took a flag for a push after the miami player was just 2 ft. out of bounds....

Hey Anonymous...... just because your Redskins used to lose Sunday when your father violated you anally, don't come on here making a a$$ of yourself!

No,Sorry. I see it the same way. He would have missed her 100% had he just fell next to her.

He reached out [a total arm tackle]. I have zero vested interest in these 2 teams. IDK how i ended up on this site but the cheerleader tackle video caught my eye. If you're seeing it any other way then what we have described......You're Bias!

"controlled fall?", HAHA!! [honestly i LMAO]...seriously,thats what you're going with?

Hey Anonymous, just because you have no 'vested' interest in these two teams does not automatically make your pathetic opinion a fact. You're just another armchair QB with no talent and a BIG mouth. This was a 'sliding tackle' by the defender 7 yards out of bounds creating potential serious danger for the cheerleader, thus Witten grabs her and 'controls' her fall. If he didn't grab her, the two of them sliding would have taken her out. Go troll somewhere else you loser.

Watch the video. He clearly pulls her down. Think about what you're saying: "He pulled her down to prevent her from getting knocked down!" Seriously? Are we really that stupid people?

Jason Witten isn't like that. Again you're an idiot. Quit trying to start a controversy for some idiotic attention.

He pulled her down , he reached out and grabbed her alright, he should be charged with assult

@ anonymous: He pulled her down by the shoulder rather than running into her mid-back.
Noticed the guy #60 who tackled him into the lady, didn't even slow down.
He got up and walked across the field without so much as a glance to see if she was hurt. While Jason literally picked her up and asked if she was OK.

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