December 09, 2011

Cleveland Comedian Mike Polk Rants About The Browns Again (Video)

Previously on Outside the Boxscore, we featured a video starring comedian Mike Polk ranting against his hometown Cleveland Browns.

Since the Browns faced the Steelers last night, Polk did a rant for the Cleveland Fox affiliate about the Steelers/Browns recent rivalry and didn't hold anything back:

By Ben Chew with 9 comments


Dude, your city set a lake on FIRE.
nuff said.

So much jealousy, so little time

it was a river your face.

That was funny, props for loving your team even if it is in Cleveland

I hate the Steelers and everything about them too...but Browns fans are just as bas as Steelers fans. It's just funny how every sports team in Cleveland has always been futile and terrible and will always be so. But anyway, I hope Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison choke to death on each other's dicks

Got to love the steelers. The way football should be played. Not like those pansy patriots. We have a guys guy q.b. not a pansy ass at q.b.

mike polk=the michael stanley of cleveland comedy

I love the Steelers AND this rant! It was all true...

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