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June 30, 2011

NBA Commissioner David Stern Is Not Scared Of NBA Lockout

Earlier today, reports surfaced that the NBA collective bargaining agreement would expire and send the league into lockout mode.

NBA commissioner David Stern at a press conference regarding this situation commented that he was not scared of the lockout but resigned to the possible issues that come from it:

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PGA Tour's Rickey Fowler Is a Golfing Artist, Literally

The below video features PGA tour professional Ricky Fowler at a recent PUMA promotional events using golf balls to paint a canvas.

I dare say, it's something that Rembrandt might have used if he could:

(Courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude)

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Chad Ochocinco's Next Athletic Endeavour: NASCAR

Previously on Outside the Boxscore, we have featured the athletic endeavours of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco from bull-riding to racing horses.

Well, Ocho has decided to take on the world of NASCAR as he was seen riding along with NASCAR great, Jeff Burton:

(Courtesy of Fox Sports)

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Terrell Owens’ Injury Just A Twenty Second TO For His Career

A whistle for a short timeout has been blown for one of the NFL’s greatest superstars.

Known for his incredible physique and necessity to be the center of attention, 37-year-old Terrell Owens is again the hottest, current headliner in the NFL, even as the league has put up its “out of service” sign.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that the wideout had surgery to repair a torn ACL in one of his knees. The article goes on to say that he could be ready to step onto the field within six months (mid-to-late November at the latest).

Along with this new revelation, there are also other stories popping up from all over speculating whether or not the star receiver has played his last downs with the Cincinnati Bengals during the 2010 season. Whenever a superstar has to decide on whether or not to attempt a comeback after incurring such a debilitating injury at his age, the decision usually leans towards accepting father time and calling it quits.

The only problem is that this is Owens.

This is not just your average football player or even a great star in the sport who accepts what he is given and taking it. The former third round choice of the San Francisco 49ers in 1996 is one of the most stubborn players of all time. Acknowledgement and acceptance are words that are not in his vocabulary when it comes to his football career.

That being said, take the recent rumors of Owens’ contemplating retirement with a grain of salt. Fans should have learned their lesson with another stubborn football star who kept the public on the edge of their seats during the off-season of his last few years just because he yearned for their attention and admiration (he was that quarterback from those Wrangler Jeans commercials who played for the Vikings last year). Owens will now take over the mantle of leading the public on a summer fiasco of teetering between ending or resuming his career.

Leaving at this point in his career wouldn’t make a great deal of sense for one of the league’s most productive WR last season. The former Tennessee-Chattanooga college standout was the Bengals best receiving threat (and, arguably, their best player) and was on pace for an All-Pro like season before getting injured in week 14. If anything, 2010 was a bounce back year, which helped erased his disturbing 2009 campaign in Buffalo.

With such an impressive showing and illustrating to all the haters that he still has it, why would he bail when he could strike while the iron is hot?

Owens can also thank the league in presenting a favorable forecast for a return in the near future.

The league remains at a standstill with the impending lockout between the players and owners still intact. This has stalled free agency, which has halted players without a team to secure a residence upon a roster. It has also prevented new rookies from being introduced to a team’s philosophy and many players are not getting into shape with teams incapable of holding camps and workouts.

For Owens, that will mean that the longer the lockout is still active for the league, the more enticing of an option he becomes on a team that is in need of a wideout.

He may be injured and recovering from surgery, but there is no player who will work as hard to morph his body back into the chiseled, magazine cover-style Adonis he once was. He’s also a player that’s been in the league for over fifteen years and wouldn’t need extensive time being acclimated to a team’s playbook and goals. He will also look at this upcoming year as a season of redemption as others seriously doubt his effectiveness due to his injury and age, which means he will most likely be affordable for many franchises.

Even though he may be a self-absorbed, narcissistic prima donna who is more intrigued by the number of followers he has on Twitter and the television ratings for his reality show on VH1, he’s a top-notch, star receiver who can make a difference on any team.

Aside from his ability and ego playing into how is future will end up, continuing another year or two would help to wrap up his career with a stronger sense of where he falls in regards to his legacy in the NFL.

It’s hard to root or boo Owens, who has essentially been the biggest anti-hero in the NFL since he started becoming recognized as one of the top receivers in the league. There are times when his antics can be viewed as both self-centered and entertaining. A big reflection of those moments is each opportunity he has when he crosses the end zone.

The six foot, three inch, 225 pound star always keeps the public’s eyes glued to their HD television screens whenever he approaches the white finish line to score six points. His celebrations have always been egotistical, but it has bolstered a great following with fans and fellow NFL stars who try to top Owens’ famous touchdown moments.

This showcase of enjoyment is just one of the many ways summarizing his career is conflicting. Although there are moments where he can be a head case for his team, concentrates more on being a star off the field, and is extremely arrogant believing he’s the most exceptional human being in the world; there is no denying his greatness as a wide receiver and his influence in the NFL since he’s been here.

Playing another season or two would help to summarize what he was to the NFL: the villain or the hero?

Surgery is usually a crippling procedure that would end any football player’s career if they are older than 35. Yet, this is a Terrell Owens discussion, which means that this is no ordinary NFL player. A star with such adulation and self-perception of himself will not allow one little operation to his knee end his stellar career. This is merely a periodical break before he returns to the NFL next season.

Consider this more of a 20-second TO for TO’s career, and not just a full timeout that ends it.

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Herman Edwards Goes All Herm Edwards During NFL Rookie Symposium

Yesterday, the NFLPA decided to host the NFL Rookie Symposium which was a replacement one for the cancelled NFL one due to the lockout.

Former Jets/Chiefs head coach and current ESPN NFL analyst Herman Edwards was one of the public speakers and let's give Herm the floor now:

(Courtesy of Cosby Sweaters)

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Andy Murray Impressive Trick Shot Winner At Wimbledon

Earlier in the week, British tennis star Andy Murray faced off against Ivan Ljubicic to chance move onto the next round of play.

Murray went onto win the match and one of his highlights was this between the legs shot to steal a point in the fourth set of the match:

(Courtesy of The Huffington Post)

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Minor League Baseball Manager Gets Ejected, Autographs First Base For Fan

Earlier in the week, we featured a clip of Detroit Tiger manager Jim Leyland freaking out after a bad call during a Blue Jays/Tigers game.

However it might have been topped by minor league manager, Butch Hobson of the Lancaster Barnstormers.

After getting ejected from the game, Butch decided to take first base with him and decided to autograph it for a lucky fan:

(Courtesy of It's Always Sunny in Detroit)

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June 29, 2011

CFL Player Stu Foord Got Jacked Up!

It's preseason time for the Canadian Football League and for those of you in football withdrawal, this might be the best thing you'll see in awhile.

It happened during the BC Lions/Saskatchewan Roughriders game and the victim is Stu Foord of the Roughriders as he separated from his helmet by BC's David Hyland:

(Courtesy of The Nosebleeds)

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Harold Reynolds Gets Jacked Up By Eric Byrnes

If you are not watching the MLB Network, then you're clearly missing some of the more interesting sports television on digital cable.

The MLB Network studio team was discussing an incident that occurred during the Rockies/Cubs affair and sent it over to Harold Reynolds chilling in the field area.

Then Eric Byrnes decided to join him and by join him, I mean run him over:

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Willy Mo Pena's Spit Causes MLB Network Talking Heads To Laugh

Last night, the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Cleveland Indians on walk-off homer by Willy Mo Pena.

Harold Reynolds of MLB Network however decided to take note of Willy Mo's spitting into his helmet before the home run and the hilarity was unbearable on the MLB Network set:

(Courtesy of Off the Bench and Awful Announcing)

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Mary Carillo Claims Pippa Middleton is "Not A Homewrecker"

Early in the quarterfinal match between Andy Murray and Feliciano Lopez, the Wimbledon cameras panned to Pippa Middleton who was in attendance and NBC's Mary Carillo commented that Pippa has been seen watching Murray play in the past couple of months.

Then, NBC's John McEnroe commented that Murray had a girlfriend and Mary decided to snap back with a rather amusing quip:

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The Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Victory Dance After Beating Roger Federer

For those of you that aren't tennis fans, you're going to need to learn the name of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga after he ousted Roger Federer from the quarterfinal round at Wimbledon.

Tsonga came back from two sets down and handed Federer's his first loss after winning the first two sets.

After the victory, Tsonga got his dance on:

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Tennis Legend Boris Becker Knows Who Jay-Z Is

You know your a pretty big deal when tennis legend Boris Becker is giving you a shout-out during a Wimbledon telecasts.

Rapper Jay-Z was taking in the Del Potro/Nadal match when the BBC2 camera panned to him and Boris Becker informed the home viewers of the attendance of H.O.V.A:

(Courtesy of No Guts, No Glory)

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Jose Canseco and His Brother Get Ejected From Minor League Baseball Game

It's been awhile since Jose Canseco has been in the news and I think it's the perfect time to get another rather awesome managerial freak out as well.

Canseco is currently managing the Yuma Scorpions and was none too pleased with a call an umpire made during a game against the Edmonton Capitals which sent him into tirade mode.

His brother, Ozzie who is on his coaching staff got into the mix as well and both got ejected:

(Courtesy of Total Pro Sports)

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Juan Martin Del Potro Screws With A Ball Boy

Earlier in the week, Juan Martin Del Potro lost to Rafael Nadal in their quarterfinals match at Wimbledon.

During the first set, Del Potro appeared to be returning a ball to a ball boy but Del Potro had a little fun with the kid first:

(Courtesy of Cosby Sweaters)

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June 28, 2011

Cat Interupts Japanese Professional Baseball Game

Currently, we do not know how old the below clip is but from what I gander it comes to us from the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan.

The teams playing are the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and the Yokohama Bay Stars but what you should be noting is a cat that decides to enter the field of play and start wreaking havoc:

(Courtesy of Buzzfeed)

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North Korea Women's Soccer Coach Blames USA Loss On Lightning

Earlier today, the United States of America beat North Korea in their opening round game of the 2011 Women's World Cup by the score of 2-0.

North Korea manager Kim Kwang Min had a excuse ready for the loss and he decided to go with an weather phenomena as a reason why.

We get more from The Sydney Morning Herald:

North Korea coach Kim Kwang Min claimed several players had played in the opening 2-0 women's World Cup loss to United States on Tuesday still suffering from the effects of being struck by lightning at a pre-tournament training camp.

"Frankly speaking, when we were having training and test matches before we left for this tournament, five of the players were hit by lightning and were in hospital," said Kim, through an interpreter in the post-game press conference.

"We had an accident in Pyongyang before we left for this tournament. Some of the players were left behind. Some were in hospital and came later. Until now they were not fully treated for the match." Kim said the incident occurred on June 8.
Hopefully that response was good enough for Kim Jong Il because I have a sinking suspicion that might be the last we hear of Kim Kwang Min if the team doesn't do well for the rest of the World Cup.

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The Rather Awesome Jim Leyland Ejection From Last Night

During last night's Toronto Blue Jays/Detroit Tigers affair, a questionable call in the 7th inning of the Detroit Tigers game got both managers rather heated.

After the call was changed to out, Tigers manager Jim Leyland came out to argue and went on one of the more memorable tirades from this year's Major League Baseball season:

(Courtesy of MLB.com)

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Cirque De Soleil Performer Throws Acrobatic First Pitch

During my time following Major League Baseball, I have seen numerous first pitches from fans, celebrities and athletes alike.

However, I have not seen a more acrobatic first pitch than the one thrown by this Cirque De Soleil performer before the San Diego Padres/Kansas City Royals last night:

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June 27, 2011

Aussie Rules Footballer Goes Skyward For Catch

It's not often a clip from an Australian Rules Football game appears on this website but clearly when a player makes an amazing catch, you'll see it here.

It happened during the West Coast Eagles/Carlton Blues when West Coast's Nic Naitanui makes a very impressive catch jumping over a defender to haul it in:

(Courtesy of With Leather)

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Miguel Olivo Doesn't Realize He's Been Walked

During yesterday's Mariners/Marlins affair, Mariners catcher Miguel Olivo was at the plate in the six inning and drew a walk at the plate appearance.

However, Olivo lost track of the count and had to be informed by home plate umpire Laz Dias that he in fact drew a walk:

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Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Falls Asleep During Pirates/Red Sox

Yesterday, the Boston Red Sox were in Pittsburgh to face the Pirates and there many fans excited to see them in town.

Well, except for this fan behind home plate who asleep in the second inning:

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"Jumpin The Shark" - Shark Jumps Over Florida Surfer

I've heard of term jumping the shark but I've never seen a clip of shark jumping over someone.

The below video was caught by Orlando Sentinel cameraman Jacob Langston, out filming a story about surfing at New Smyrna Beach as a spinner shark jumps over a surfer trying to catch a wave:

(Courtesy of Bob's Blitz)

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Oh Look, A Tim Thomas Sandcastle!

Clearly, I must be a fan of sandcastles to allow this post to get listed on this site but you have to give it to these artists, making sandcastles isn't easy.

The picture is of a below sandcastle featured at the Master Sandsculpting competition at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire of Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas:

Personally, I prefer Sandcastles in the Sand.

(Courtesy of Stanley Cup of Chowder)

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Chicarito's Children & The Gold Cup Vortex

An incurring scientific question? (Photo Credit)
The Gold Cup is finally over. And as a soccer fan, a United States soccer fan at that, I'm inclined to think that is a good thing. Usually I'm three sheets to the wind about any soccer competition, the Confederations Cup, Copa America, the Intertoto Cup (don't ask, or click here if you care); no soccer is bad soccer.

But the tournament was about as exciting as taking a trip to Pittsburgh. I know CONCACAF (no its not a hybrid marine, cattle species) is aiming for some international attention and more opportunities to showcase the lack of talent, er, talent. But everyone kept waiting for the Mexico v. USA, rivalry, game of regional prestige, bragging rights game that ultimately means nothing.

Most of this grows from frustration at the US losing to Mexico yesterday 4-2. In fact as a sore loser, it seems evident and quite possible that the Gold Cup sits in one of those strange vortexs of time.

How so? The United States hosted the tournament, yet the final, held in the United States at the Rose Bowl, held more Mexico fans than US. Surprising? No. The United States is the only country in the world where visiting nations fans outnumber home fans. Also, not only was the entire ceremony for the trophy presentation in Spanish, but all the games were featured on Univision.

Not that it matters, I love speaking Spanish. I understood most of it. America's all about cultural inversion, right? But its quite strange. Imagine the World Cup in 2006, held in Germany, being featured on an Italian Channel with the entire trophy ceremony in Italian?

All in all, the Gold Cup more so represented the lack of cultural expressionism with soccer, and the fact that we still have a long way to go in terms of skill and support.

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June 26, 2011

Wizards Star JaVale McGee Nasty Alley-Oop Dunk In Drew Summer League

Previously on Outside the Boxscore, we featured a clip of Thunder star Kevin Durant doing a rather impressive self alley-oop in the Drew Summer League in Los Angeles.

The guys over at HoopMixTape.com brought like to this clip as Thunder guard James Harden throwing a nice alley-oop to McGee who posterizes an opposing player:

(Courtesy of Hoops Mixtape)

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Fantasy Drafthelp: 2011 NBA Draft Winners & Losers


1 Cleveland – Less than 12 months after He Who Shall Not Be Named booked, the next franchise player is in place? Unbelievable. And yes, draft “experts,” Kyrie Irving is a franchise player. Tristan Thompson is not a horrible pick, but he raises questions in terms of his offensive game and the team’s (temporary?) logjam at the 4.

2 Detroit – Joe Dumars gets saved from himself, just as Michael Jordan did with his second pick. Dear Romey, Hall of Fame players are can’t-miss drafters. Sincerely, Elgin Baylor.

3 Miami – We’ll skip the “Norris Cole … talents to South Beach” layup and simply note that he’s already a more legitimate 1 than anyone Miami had last year.

4 Denver – Sure picked up some nice forwards.

5T Houston – The flip side of our Phoenix assessment!

5T Washington – They picked up some nice complementary pieces for John Wall, not least of which a nice value in Chris Singleton.


1 Sacramento – Kings could have had Jimmer at 7; instead they traded down three spots so they could pick up John Salmons’ bloated contract. Whatevs.

2 Phoenix – You took the wrong Morris!

3 Utah – Sorry, Utah, a soft Euro’s not going to help you more than Brandon Knight would have.

4 Charlotte – LOVE LOVE LOVE Kemba Walker, but Bismack Biyombo at 7? He’s Mutombo without the offense.

5 Portland – Why reach for Nolan Smith? Trade down, young fella.

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Lights Out In Busch Stadium...Again

Earlier in the Major League Baseball season, the lights went out in Busch Stadium during a Giants/Cardinals game.

Well, the lighting demons got the Cardinals again during last night's game against the Toronto Blue Jays:

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Two Impressive Foul Ball Catches From MLB Fans

Over the last two days, we had some impressive catches made by fans at Major League ballparks.

The first one comes to us from the Yankees/Rockies game on when one-armed veteran Michael Kacer catches a foul ball with his hat:

The second one comes to us from the Padres/Braves tilt in San Diego as a unnamed female fan makes nice play on a ball in the fourth:

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The Nelson Cruz Strike Out That Should Have Been A Walk

During yesterday's Texas Rangers/New York Mets affair, Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz was up in the 2nd inning to face Mets pitcher Jonathon Niese.

In the middle of the at-bat, it appears that Nelson has been walked on six pitches but the umpire crew doesn't notice as Nelson continues to hit and eventually strikes out:

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Brian Wilson Explains The Catch Phrase, "Got Heeem"

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is one of the most colorful characters in Major League Baseball today.

Currently, Showtime is airing a series about the Giants 2011 season called, "The Franchise: A Season With The San Francisco Giants".

In the below clip, Wilson talks about the catch phrase "Got Heem" and it's various meanings:

(Courtesy of The Huffington Post)

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June 25, 2011

High School Lacrosse Announcer Quotes Notorious BIG During Goal Call

It's not often that a sports announcer quotes the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. but when someone does it is a classic clip to say the least.

The announcer's name is Booker Corrigan and he was announcing a playoff lacrosse game in Maryland when a goal scored help him channel Biggie:

(Courtesy of Sports Grid)

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USF Football Player Saves Life By Lifting Car Off Tow Truck Driver

In the world of sports, we throw around the term "hero" and "game-saver" often but the below story is about a football player who ended up being a lifesaver.

University of South Florida offensive lineman Danous Estenor saved a man's life back in February when a tow truck driver got stuck underneath the car he was fixing, Estenor lifted the car off of him with his bare hands.

We get more from WPTV in video form:

(Courtesy of WPTV.com)

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June 24, 2011

Aluminum Bat Breaks During 2011 College World Series

It's not everyday that you see an aluminum bat break but that's what happened during the College World Series today in game between Vanderbilt and Florida.

The batter is Florida's Mike Zunino and after making contact, the barrel of the bat goes flying into the stands.

Thankfully, everyone's okay and it's still some amazing video to say the least:

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NHL Draftee Gabiel Landeskog Visits Mall of America

With the 2011 NHL Draft tonight in Minneapolis, Sweden's Gabriel Landeskog will be one of the first players selected.

Earlier in the week, Gabriel and some of the other NHL draftees went to one of the greatest single things that America has to offer, The Mall of America:

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Seattle Sounders Roger Levesque "Scuba Diving" Goal Celebration

Last night, the Seattle Sounders Roger Levesque picked two goals in the second half of their win over the New York Red Bulls.

Levesque second goal came off of a blunder by Red Bulls goalie Greg Sutton and ended in a rather awesome celebration:

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June 23, 2011

French Motorcycle Crash Gets Intimate Between The Motorcycles

In one of the stranger clips that I've seen in awhile during the fourth round of the 2011 Promosport Championship at Circuit de Nevers Magny-Court, two of the riders crashed and their motorcycles got intertwined with each other.

Then, they proceeded to spin around as the drivers desperately tried to separate them but just like two lovebirds, they couldn't be separated:

(Courtesy of Metro UK)

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Oh NOZ! The Phillie Phanatic Got Injured By Foul Ball

One of the most famous mascots in the world of sports is the Phillie Phanatic and earlier this week, the Phanatic had a scare during a minor league baseball game which sent him to the hospital.

The Phanatic was in Allentown, Pennslyvania for the “World Famous Phillie Phanatic Appearance” with the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies) on Wednesday when a foul ball was sent into the stands and hit the Phanatic:

The man behind the mascot costume, Tom Burgoyne went to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest hospital and thankfully was discharged later that night.

Long Live the Phanatic!

(Courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude)

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The OTB/Pro Hoops Draft Surround 2011 NBA Draft Liveblog

Hello readers of Outside The Boxscore, tonight is the 2011 NBA Draft and we here at Outside the Boxscore are featuring another quality live blog with Fantasy Draft Help.com.

So drop on by for instant reaction from around the league and some entertainment as well:

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UNC Outfielder Forgets Number Of Outs During College World Series

During yesterday's Vanderbilt/North Carlina elimination game in the College World Series, North Carolina outfielder Chaz Frank caught a lazy fly ball for the second out of the inning.

The only problem for Chaz was that he thought it was the third out and hilarity ensued:

(Courtesy of It's Always Sunny in Detroit)

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Tim Tebow's Guest Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel Live

During last night's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow dropped by talk about his new book and a myriad of other subjects.

One of them includes how he got Chuck Norris to get a blurb for the back of his book:

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Canadian Goalkeeper Scores Impressive Goal From Midfield

If you have been a member of the U-17 Canadian soccer team, feel free to celebrate it up this week as they snapped their thirteen game losing streak in the World Championships with a tie against Great Britain.

How they equalized the score is the more interesting thing as Canadian goalkeeper Quillan Roberts kicks it from midfield for the goal:

(Courtesy of The Big Lead)

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June 22, 2011

If You Want Erin Andrews Autograph, Don't Mention Anything About The Peephole Incident

When trying to score an autograph from a famous celebrity, many people have their own way of catching their attentions.

Recently, ESPN's Erin Andrews was reporting from the College Baseball World Series and a fan decided to get her attention by yelling at her about the infamous peephole incident.

EA didn't take too kindly to that and confronted the fan and told him, "If you are going to be cool enough to say that, man up to it".

Good for Erin, peephole or not, that's just a low blow.

(Courtesy of The Huffington Post)

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Wimbledon Line Judge Takes Serve Off Head

Across the pond, Wimbledon is underway and during the Nicholas Mahut/John Isner rematch, a line judge took a Mahut serve off her head going at about 110 mph.

Watch the rather painful video below:

That's gotta hurt but let's give her some credit for not flinching.

(Courtesy of Guyism)

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Peyton and Eli Manning Star In DirecTV's "Football Cops"

For those of you wondering what Peyton Manning and his brother Eli have been doing during the NFL lockout, wonder no more.

Peyton and Eli appear in this DirecTV sponsored web series called, "Football Cops" as Mike Tahoe and C.J Hunter as they do their best to fight crime and throw slant patterns into liquor bottles:

(Courtesy of Deadspin)

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Boston Fan Catches Foul Ball In Beer

During yesterday's Padres/Red Sox game, Padres catcher Nick Hundley fouled off a pitch and one fan got the ultimate bounce when the ball landed in his beer.

The fan got deciding wet from it but took it good humor by drinking some of it with the ball still lodged in the cup:

(Courtesy of The Middletown Press)

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Dick Enberg And The "Blue Balls" Wimbledon Story

Earlier today at Wimbledon, Venus Williams was facing Kimiko Date-Krumm in their second round match when ESPN commentator Dick Enberg had a little story about Wimbledon and "blue balls".

For now, get your mind out of the gutter when watching the video and then promptly put it back in after:

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June 21, 2011

9-Year Old Rory Mcllroy Was Pretty Good At Golf

Way back in the year of 1999, a young Rory Mcllroy was appearing on Ireland's Kelly Show to show off his golf skills after winning the U-10 golf tournament in Florida.

After the short interview, young Rory is shown hitting golf balls into a rather small washing machine and let's just say, he showed promise even back then:

(Courtesy of Deadspin)

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Les Miles In Funny Sketch: "It Must Have Been The Shoes"

LSU head football coach Les Miles has been known to do some rather odd things on the football field but off of it, he's a comedian at heart.

Watch this below video featuring Miles, his son, some Scott Van Pelt sent sneakers, and a epic basketball montage:

Dare I say, Les Miles got game.

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Chinese Soccer Fan Attempts To Chase Down Referee

It's not everyday that you see a soccer fan chase a referee around the pitch but that is exactly what happened during the Dalian Shide and Tianjin Teda Chinese futbol match.

Sadly, he was unable to avoid security and was eventually taken down:

(Courtesy of the Huffington Post)

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Ozzie Guillen Gets Ejected, Kicks Catcher's Mask To Kingdom Come

During last night's battle for supremacy in Chicago baseball, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was ejected after arguing about an out call.

Then, Guillen went into full freak-out mode and kicked Cubs catcher Geovany Soto's mask into another dimension:

(Courtesy of NESN)

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June 20, 2011

Henrik Stenson Injures Self While Breaking Club At 2011 US Open

Over the weekend, Rory Mcllroy claimed his first major victory at the 2011 US Open but one moment that people might have forgotten about Henrik Stenson's anger at his club.

Watch below as he breaks his club and accidentally cuts himself:

(Courtesy of Dogs That Chase Cars)

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Dignifying Spit With Jack Warner

The recent resignation of FIFA vice president Jack Warner (read about it here) saw the end of suspensions, bribery investigations, and another successful election of Sepp Blatter. Dignity has once again been lost in FIFA? But apparently not with Jack Warner's bodily fluids.

The up and coming Jack Warner, who has been the focus of bribery and corruption allegations for a few weeks, was suspended along with FIFA presidential hopeful Mohamed bin Hammam. Apparently, Warner and bin Hammam tried to pay FIFA voters from the Caribbean to vote for bin Hammam.

A recent probe by a very British Andrew Jennings, an investigative reporter, shows that not all dignity has been lost. Jennings confronts Warner at the Zurich Airport and graces Warner with some straightforward questions.

The awkward exchange seems like something from a Cohen Brothers film, only there are no pre-set scripts and actors. Warner means it when he says, "ask your mother." The strange conversation and answers by Warner are worth watching even if the guy tried to fraud an election.

And it also tells us that Jack Warner's spit has dignity.

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Novak Djokovic Gets Interviewed By Caroline Wozniacki

Over the weekend, Wimbledon was holding it's pre-match press conferences and Novak Djokovic was getting grilled by reporters.

During the press conference, women's world #1 ranked player Caroline Wozniacki snuck in and started to ask some hard hitting questions:

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Kevin Durant Nasty Off The Backboard Dunk In Drew League

Although the NBA season is over, that doesn't mean there is still basketball going on for NBA players like Kevin Durant.

Durant and current Thunder players were playing in the Drew League in South Central Los Angeles when this impressive dunk went down:

(Courtesy of Jocks and Stilleto Jill)

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June 19, 2011

Karim Mayfield TKO Celebration Dance Is Awesome

During last week's Friday Night Fights, Karim Mayfield took on Steve Forbes in a ten round slugfest which ended in a Mayfield TKO.

After the victory, Mayfield did one of the strangest post-fight celebrations that I had ever seen:

(Courtesy of Sorry Bro)

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Brad Marchand Raps "Black and Yellow" At Boston Bruins Victory Parade

While the world eyes were on the riots in Vancouver, the Boston Bruins were busy rapping up Lord Stanley's Cup and when they got back to Boston they did a little rapping of their own.

Center Brad Marchand did his own version of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow":

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June 18, 2011

Fantasy Drafthelp: Examining Euro Players

NOTE: These features are serialized from the forthcoming draft guide PRO HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY 2011.

Jason Jones Euro Player Analysis

NOTE: After the recent NBA Draft lottery, TheFDHLounge.com had a chat on the site examining the state of European players and the NBA Draft process. Here are the thoughts expressed on various aspects of the subject by FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones.

^ Not one of these Euros belongs in the top ten. Not one. There has never been a Euro worth top ten projection, ever. Dirk, Manu, Pau, may be good players, but [they] weren't worth a top ten pick. Furthermore, there has not been a non-American collegiate worth a top ten pick in the last decade. Look it up again. Euro upside is not worth the risk. [The Cavs need] two absolute starters in these first two picks, not projects with upside. To believe the contrary is short-sighted and irresponsible. That includes any GM that would take one in the top ten, let alone the top five.

^ Scouts that cover these Euros do so for ten years, in some cases. That's all they do. In some regard, there is a clear understanding of the pulse of the game over there. Any scout doing his job has seen ridiculous amounts of game action; they've done their homework. The apples-to-apples thing may be the most important part. Maybe they've sincerely considered that in the evaluation. All of their efforts are there and calculated, which leaves one major factor left to consider...NONE OF THAT IS NEW. This has been the process. Every year, we hear about narrowing the gap in talent and every year these scouts and GMs are wrong. Someday that might be the case. It might even be this year. This issue is one of draft strategy. Are there really 5-10 NBA teams that are willing to throw their lottery pick on the roulette wheel in the hopes that this is the year that their scouts are right? There is a physically missing. There is a mental aptitude missing. There is a speed element missing. There are too many variables to consider when one takes the final evaluation out of the Euro fishtank and moves it to the NBA fishtank. And we are really starting to lose track of the expectations when I'm trying to be convinced that a Euro who can give 10 and 7 immediately means a damn thing. 10 and 7 is a mid-second rounder. That's [a] fourth-tier free agent signing. That's "let the other guy draft him and if he pans out, then we'll consider pursuing him as a free agent.” In the lottery, whether he can start or not is not very high on the evaluation scale. Take any of the guys over 6'10. I bet most of them could start in Golden State or some team desperate for a big. The question becomes: is an adequate Euro big man better than a dynamic NCAA guard who could be a cornerstone? Yeah, they could start tomorrow but so what, that doesn't carry as much weight with me.

^ NO ONE is grading Derrick Williams on his tournament performance. Williams is and has been the number one guy dating back to the preseason camps of last year. In most cases, tournament or not, Williams has never not been out of the top two. There is an apples-to-apples [element] with him, physically and mentally. Teams know exactly what they will get from him. He may be built like Lebron, but no one is making the mistake [of thinking] that he is [as good as him]. However, he is athletic, powerful, tenacious, has a high ceiling and has the type of measurables on offense that fit the type of player he is. He's not going to shoot well from outside of 17', but that's not his game. Scouts didn't like Griffin because he has a good sky book or shoots the three well. They liked him because he gets after it physically, which is why every scout in the world has Williams in the top three and most in the top two. "[The criticism of] passing out of the double team?” Are you serious? That's like criticizing Kyrie Irving because he doesn't register many blocked shots, or [saying] Kemba Walker won't be able to box out seven-footers. Skill, strength, intelligence, tenacity, NBA IQ, the ability to make the transition: these Euros may possess some of those things, but they lack the physical ability. They can shoot and pass and rebound (in a relative vacuum), but it’s everything else that [causes concern]. Remember, during these extensive evaluations, everyone on the planet who knew anything said Darko was that guy. He was Dirk, if Dirk actually played center. They said Darko could take guys off the dribble, post up, defend swingmen, hit threes like a SG and even win the opening tipoff. I saw the footage and agreed. I saw what he did over there and sincerely believed he, Melo and LeBron were on a tier by themselves. As it turned out, Darko was so physically inadequate that we would never get to see the rest unfold. If Yao was 6'10, he'd be a bust. Does anyone really believe that Rubio isn't here because he'll only play in a large market? One last thought. American players own European players unconditionally...until they change the rules. In Olympic play, they adopted some European aspects, rules, and nuances and the American players suffered. The NBA is not going to change the rules to suit the non American players yet people still expect them to perform on the same level with the American players when they make [the] move to playing the NBA game. Make no mistake about it, there is a basket and a ball, but the European game and the NBA game are significantly different games.

Rick Morris Euro Player Analysis

NOTE: After the recent NBA Draft lottery, TheFDHLounge.com had a chat on the site examining the state of European players and the NBA Draft process. Here are the thoughts expressed on various aspects of the subject by FDH Managing Partner Rick Morris.

^ With the possible exception of Kantor, I'm not sold on these guys [at the fourth pick]. They seem like risks to me based on the body of work. [Some] see [lots of] upside, I see troubling question marks on a pick that, if it yields a player who can be a legit third or fourth offensive option, could keep [the Cavs] out of lotteries after next year.

^ One of the things that scares me about some of these guys is that there has barely been ANY overseas presence in the lottery for several years now. I was actually taken aback when I looked up the specifics; it was worse than I thought. While I have a lot of trust in the Cavs' organization (my favorite team) and would like nothing better than to believe [the] assertion that they may have an inside track on figuring out who can be worth what, I keep coming back to the difficulty that ALL teams face in calculating the worth of these players given the confusion about so many aspects of Euro play, from what to make of play against the caliber of competition on down. Why are we on track to have possibly more Euros taken in the lottery this year than the last half-decade combined (with Euros for these purposes being defined as those without US college experience)? Is it because talent evaluators are so discounting the college kids that they are figuring the Euros are a better risk? I hope not, because at least a few of the college kids look like good bets for the same alleged upside as the internationals (i.e. Klay Thompson and Marcus Morris). In short, the fact that we have little to go on aside from the physical skills of these players measured in isolation troubles me.

^ The one thing that is inescapable … is that overseas players do not have the apples-to-apples point of comparison with collegiate competition (not that all lottery picks come from power conferences, but they have infinitely more in common with each other regardless of where they played over here in that respect). Even with my heinously sub-par hops, I'm sure there are guys I could still posterize in weak leagues. Now, I'm sure the scouts take these things into consideration when they compose the profiles -- and I'm sure the science of normalizing levels of competition for evaluation's sake is improving all the time. The crux of this issue appears to come down to the historical trends. Again, Euro impact in the lottery has been pretty invisible for years now after receiving a bit of a bump post-Dirk. There are indeed exceptions to every rule. But looking at the law of averages, as I do with most sports topics, I'm left to question whether there are this many exceptions to the law of averages in this draft. I'm not prepared to state categorically right now that there are not. I certainly question that, though.

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June 17, 2011

Are Today’s NBA Superstars Just Leaching Off Previous Generations?

After he and his teammates allowed the Dallas Mavericks to celebrate a championship on his own court, LeBron James stood before the press and was asked about the issue of people being happy to see their team’s disappointing finish.

“All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today,” he replied according to the Associated Press. “They have the same personal problems they had today. I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do…”

In certain regards, “The King” is right. Since the aftermath of the game six meltdown, the public is returning to their normal lives and routines. Sports fans will only have baseball to look forward to now that basketball is over for the time being (with the reboot date for the 2011-12 season unknown since the current Collective Bargaining Agreement will be up at the end of June).

Yet, the quote isn’t a reflection of the hatred between James and the public, but more so a sense of entitlement that is beginning to fester into the minds and personalities of many rising, young NBA stars of today.

That concept was most illustrative with this Miami Heat team and its inaugural Kanye West-style concert performance they put on when the big three was brought together. The combination of James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh was set to be a frightful sight for anyone who opposes them, but their self-arrogance and haughtiness was a disrespectful spectacle for the NBA and those who came before them.

How could three players come out right and celebrate a dynasty when all three of them combined only have one NBA title since entering the league eight years ago?

Never did the thought of combining to become superior cross the minds of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird (except for the original “Dream Team”) and nor should it have: they all understood that the definition of greatness lies within the body of work and not their own personal feelings. In other words, it’s not how you look or how talented you are, but what you have done and how hard you work to get better.

The late 1980s-90s generation were not well off like the stars of today are; the generation of NBA stars in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s didn’t create a golden path towards millions of dollars, fans, and endorsement opportunities. There was no universal appeal for basketball; baseball was the American sport most played around the world 20 years ago. Prior to entering the NBA, they were not followed on Twitter or on Facebook and were not showered with publicity and attention by the media.

Most were not even noticeable by everyday people if they were walking down a street.

Their personas and the intrigue they created through the public was made over time. They were beloved by the world because of what they did throughout their career and not the hype surrounding their possible potential. The Jordan-Bird-Johnson period built a new era of basketball on their own and changed the game so much that today’s players are still reaping benefits from them.

That’s apparent when Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Joe Johnson are just a handful of players under the famous Jordan shoe line.

Today’s generation is obviously spoiled in the fact that so much of the groundwork has been laid out by the previous greats before them. This leads into the biggest conundrum with today’s generation: work-ethic and expansion of their game

When Jordan, Johnson, and Bird entered the league, there were flaws to their game that rendered them handicap from being champions and great in their sport. Jordan was a master of flight who had no other means of dominating outside the paint. Johnson had great court vision and versatility, but was more of a full court player with no ability to shoot. Bird was already a great precision scorer from the perimeter, but couldn’t make plays for his teammates.

Despite those inabilities, the three worked hard to not only overcome those shortcomings, but to become better “all-around” players. They understood that just relying on their special abilities wouldn’t allow them to be as great as they hoped. They worked tirelessly to turn their weaknesses into a strength that would make them hard to contain on the court.

What did all that hard work get them? A total of nine titles in their first eight seasons in the NBA (four for Johnson, three for Bird, two for Jordan).

This need to work to expand and improve as an all-around player is what is missing with so many of the great stars of today. Only a few players have shown they were willing to put in the time to be a reflection of past stars.

Derrick Rose was able to grow by leaps and bounds from what he was when he left Memphis to join the NBA three years ago. He can now extend out to the perimeter and be the main source on offense rather than just attacking the rim and being only a facilitator like he was in his first two seasons. It is even more obvious given the jump he and his team made in one year (an MVP award and an Eastern Conference Finals appearance).

Sadly though, Rose is in a small demographic of today’s great players who have evolved into that necessity of becoming that better, well-rounded player needed to become a champion.
The failures of the Heat were obvious given that their flaws were on display for the public to see.

James’ was reluctant to punish foes like Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, and Deshawn Stevenson, who are all small in stature and could not match up to his athleticism, in the post simply because he has no post game. Unless there was a turnover to ignite their team on the break, the six-foot, eight inch, 250 pound forward was helpless to stand around and do nothing in a half court game because his shot wasn’t falling.

Great players find a way to win, but James was nowhere to be found when his team needed him the most.

Wade and Bosh were just as useless in almost the same capacity as their other big piece of the puzzle. Wade has always been a great scorer, but he constantly missed key shots and couldn’t create easy shots for others (which has been a knock on him for years). Bosh is the type of player who has always appeared to loathe becoming a better physical presence in the paint on both ends of the court, a need the Heat was lacking sorely en route to losing the series.

Through it all, all three players also couldn’t cash in on the one area that was complimentary for them to earn during the game: their free throw shooting.

Hitting free throws at key moments is a clutch quality that is required in order to reach the pinnacle of success in the NBA. Jordan and Johnson couldn’t do that early in their career, but when the spotlight of the Finals shone down on them, they were able to capitalize. The Heat will have to learn that great teams make others pay for giving them free opportunities at points (see Dirk Nowitzki’s free throw shooting as a reference).

The Miami trio aren’t the only superstars of today who are subject to scrutiny. The idea of entitlement is an epidemic that is spreading widely throughout the league.

While the rising star of Kevin Durant has a long career ahead of him at such a young age, 22, his game must expand if he hopes to push his team as the favorite to win the West next season. His jumper and ability to score may be uncanny to anyone in the NBA, yet, it is his inability to create for himself and others and a lack of a back-to-the-basket game that continues to be the Achilles heel that has plagued him since his days at the University of Texas.

Another superstar who is nearly equal in his ability to put up points from anywhere is Anthony. Ever since he first stepped onto the court for the Orangemen, the now 27-year-old forward has been known as an unstoppable force who can pull from the outside or go to a post game depending upon his match up. Yet, since his only year at Syracuse and into his eight seasons in the NBA, he appears to be the same lethargic defender he’s always been and a player who has tunnel vision with no court awareness.

It’s difficult to imagine today’s players not eclipsing greats of the past, simply because of the physical specimens that they are and the tools they have before them. Jordan, Johnson, and Bird would have surely revered in such advantages and qualities, especially if they were as prominent early in their career as they were in their later years.

Alas, it appears that anointing these young players early on may only come back to haunt them for their unfulfilled abilities and goals they may never truly reach when the end comes near.

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LSU QB Jordan Jefferson Doesn't Know Who Thomas Jefferson Is

Earlier this morning, LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson stopped by Sportscenter to do a little interview with Bram Weinstein.

Nearing the tail end of it, they decided to play a little game called, "Name That Jefferson"and hilarity ensues when Jordan mistakes Thomas for George Jefferson:

(Courtesy of No Guts, No Glory)

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June 16, 2011

Regis Philbin Asks Michelle Beadle About Her Porn Habits

Earlier today, ESPN's Michelle Beadle was subbing for Kelly Ripa on "Live with Regis and Kelly".

The conversation started out innocent enough as Beadle made a comment that she's on the internet every morning and then Regis decided to ask her about her porn-watching habits:

To note, Beadle did reveal that she watched Erin Andrews peephole clip but I have a sinking suspicion that she's not trolling the interweb for pornography.

(Courtesy of The Big Lead)

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The Moneyball Movie Trailer: Brad Pitt Being Billy Beane

Previously on Outside the Boxscore, we featured a preview of the Moneyball movie that was shown on Entertainment Tonight.

Well, the full scale trailer is out and you can decide whether or not, it's Brad Pitt's greatest role ever:

(Courtesy of Film Drunk)

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Shortest Karate Match Ever? Kicks In The Face Are Brutal

One thing that I do know about the art of karate is that a well-timed kick can be a devastating finishing move.

Sadly for one of the participants in this match, he met his end when a kick to face ended his day rather early:

(Courtesy of Break)

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Promotion for Some, Legal Insanity and Romance for a Goalie...

The old saying goes that you have to be crazy to be a goalie. As it applies to any sport where the rules permit a man between the sticks, posts, wood; these madmen are the last line of defense. They make the great stops and do their best to keep, as they say, the other team honest.

The promotion of Italian soccer team Novara to the top flight of Italian football inspired a memorable performance from goalkeeper Jimmy Fontana. Nothing of his performance had to do with his play during the game.

Do all Italian's celebrate like this? Perhaps (Cameronesi goes barbershop in 2006 World Cup win).

Fontana channeled his inner drug addict, drunk, and semi-nude firefighter for these recorded rampages. What can be learned from this? Nothing, other than the need to design soccer jerseys that Italian's cannot remove their lower extremities. And perhaps a future marriage between Fontana and whom I am assuming is the manager of Novara.

Some players see a promotion, some fans see a beginning to life in the top division in Italian football; goalkeeper Jimmy Fontana saw the chance to embrace some hybrid character from Scareface, Backdraft, and Y Tu Mama Tambien (for the kissing I guess).

More evidence to stereotype that goalie's are absolutely mental.

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June 15, 2011

Vancouver Riots After Loss In 2011 Stanley Cup Finals

Although the Vancouver Canucks didn't win the Stanley Cup, some of their fans decided that it worthwhile enough to riot like it was 1994.

Below are a couple videos to show the damage that ensued which includes fans fighting amongst themselves and lighting a car on fire:

UPDATE: The Big Lead has added some more riot clips and here they are for your perusal:

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Nathan Horton Pours Water On Vancouver's Ice

Although Nathan Horton was unable to play in the rest of the Stanley Cup, he might have had a hand in the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup.

Before game seven, Horton decided to use a Gatorade bottle to squirt some water onto the ice near the Boston bench:

(Courtesy of Big Bad Blog)

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Brad Pitt's First Scenes From Upcoming MoneyBall Movie

For those of you that are excited for the MoneyBall movie like I am, below is the first look at some of the scenes that will appear in the feature flick.

Brad Pitt plays Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane and Jonah Hill plays assistant A's general manager Paul DePodesta reformed into a character named Peter Brand:

Somewhere Scott Hatteberg is celebrating as we speak.

(Courtesy of Cosby Sweaters)

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Out With the Old Guard, In With the New

The Dallas Mavericks victory over the Miami Heat was many things. It was the end to a great career for Jason Kidd, a defining moment for Dirk Nowitzki, catapulting him into the upper echelons of the greatest forwards to play the game, a long awaited pay off for owner Mark Cuban, and another sorrow filled event for LeBron James.

The Mavericks not only toppled the highly despised Heat, but they stood as a last vestige of the old guard in the NBA, a group of highly successful players entering the twilights of their careers and phased out by a newer, younger group of established and emerging stars. Players like Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan are being replaced by names like Stephen Curry, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, and numerous others.

With the departure of the old guard, the league also loses a state of mind that those players carry with them. An all business, hypercompetitive drive that drove many of the era to greatness. The shrewdness and bravado of Kevin Garnett, the killer like attitude of Kobe Bryant, the silent but deadly demeanor of Tim Duncan. With every great player on the last leg of their career, also hangs the attitude that was the driving force behind the many memorable moments left behind during their run. The NBA is now at a crossroads, one in which we’ll see the newer group of stars adopt these attitudes and carry on the legacy, or a complete transformation of the league in which players focus on being liked by one another and attempting to ensure they don’t come off as a bad teammate or being too cocky.

What many of these players have yet to realize, is that calling out teammates and being overly confident is what has driven the greatest in the game over the leagues history. Greats like Russell, Bird, Magic, MJ, Kobe, etc., all didn’t hesitate for a second to straighten out a teammate or chirp about any issue in the post game press conference. The greats are driven by success, and every single obstacle standing in their way, whether teammate, coach, friend, or family, was taken care of and disposed. Victory was their ultimate goal, and nothing was going to stop them.

This new generation of NBA superstar is still young, but shows no true signs of steering towards the ways of legends past. The leagues most talented player teamed up with a buddy, who should have been a rival, and another superstar for the chance to play together in a young city and chase titles. The league’s MVP is far too humble, letting poor performances by teammates slide under the radar as he absorbs all the blame. One of the leagues top performers has issues taking command late in the game, allowing a much more confidant but less talented guard shoulder the load in the closing minutes. In case you couldn’t guess it, the players just touched on were James, Rose, and Durant, arguably the top three young players in the league at the moment. Yet here they are, all three unwilling to take charge and become the big man on campus. Why is this?

First off, many of the young players in the league are the not only the best on their team, but are also on teams that are made up of mostly young players. The Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder are perfect examples of this. Derrick Rose is easily the best player on that roster, but whom does he have to teach him the ropes. What seasoned guard is there to guide him through his career, and more importantly, call him out and teach him how to be a commanding leader both on the floor and in the locker room. The answer? Nobody. The Bulls, despite being successful, lack a veteran presence on the team that can assume a leadership role and mentor the young players.

Swoop down to OKC and you’ll find the same situation. The Thunder are lucky enough to have four extremely talented young players that look to be the core make up of their future. Westbrook, Durant, Harden, and Ibaka. All four are superbly talented, but again, who is there to teach them how it all works. Sam Presti needs to go out and secure the Thunder a no nonsense veteran that will put Westbrook into his place and inspire Durant to become the leader of that team. When that dynamic is settled out, the rest will fall into place, but the beauty of MJ and Pippen was that Pippen knew his place, and that’s a lesson Westbrook will need to learn in order for the Thunder to reach their full potential.

This theory holds true for nearly all of the top young stars in the league. In Orlando, a lack of veteran presence has possibly been the hold up on Dwight Howard reaching his full potential. Despite their fading talent, the old guard still has a role to play in the development of the new guard; the only issue is whether or not they are willing to listen.

The second theory on why the new group of NBA stars seems to lack the “killer” gene stems back before any of them stepped onto a college basketball court, much less a professional one. Many of the leagues young stars played in one of the biggest booms of AAU basketball to date. Any young star worth his salt in an NBA uniform surely played in the ranks of AAU ball, being placed on select teams with other great talents and traveling the country to play the same teams again and again in different tournaments. The AAU dynamic is one that has not received much credit to the cause of the, “lets all be friends attitude.”

The fact of the matter is; many NBA players have actually shared the same basketball court for years by the time they reach the pros. Players like Kevin Love and Michael Beasley played AAU ball together, and their only one of hundreds of examples of this. Even if players weren’t on the same team, it’s almost a guarantee that at more than one point during their career they played another great player. Add this on top of the fact that many players play for multiple teams, chasing the teams that provide the most exposure and talent. All of this wrapped up creates an environment in which players are constantly in contact with other great players, developing friendships that are reignited at next tournament and carried upwards through their careers.

Team hopping and consistently facing the same competition also creates the need to acclimate to any team or set of teammates. This dynamic was especially well chronicled in George Dohrmann’s book, “Play Their Hearts Out.” Recent findings with the questionable recruiting done by perennial powerhouse Indiana AAU also demonstrate the darker side of competitive amateur basketball.

The combination of these two ideas, a past dominated by AAU basketball and the current lack of veteran leadership on many young NBA teams has led to the situation the league finds itself in now; an aging group of old veterans with an old school attitude, and a crop of young stars emerging in the league, carrying with them a new kind of competitiveness, one in which everyone can seemingly turn off the switch with the final buzzer and all be friends the same night.

(Originally Posted At Two Point Diversion)

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PGA Tour Pros Start A Boy Band Release Single, "Oh Oh Oh"

It's not often that PGA tour professionals decided to create a boy band and create a music video to a song called, "Oh Oh Oh".

The music video is sponsored by Farmer's Insurance and features Ben Crane/Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan doing their best boy band impression for charity:

Clearly, I need to unsee this video.

(Courtesy of Wei Under Par)

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June 14, 2011

PBA Bowler Sean Rash Calls Out Opponent During PBA Event

I'll be honest, I had no idea who PBA bowler Sean Rash was before coming across this video but clearly he is a master of the art of calling out an opponent.

During the Geico PBA Shootout in Chicago, Rash decided after bowling a strike to verbally call out opponent Jason Belmonte and his choice of water receptacle.

(Video is NSFW)

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NFL Player Leonard Pope Saves Child From Drowning

The National Football League is still currently in lock-out mode but at least something good has come from the delay.

Kansas City tight-end Leonard Pope helped save a six-year old's life at a pool party after saving him from possibly drowning.

We get more from Americus Times Recorder:

Bryson and his mother Anne will forever be thankful for Leonard Pope.

Bryson, 6, was attending a cousin’s birthday party when he went under in a pool around 7 p.m. Saturday at Troy Hill Apartments located on East Glessner Street.

But before Bryson’s mother could try to save him, Pope dove in and rescued him from drowning.

“I was looking at him because he couldn’t swim,” said Anne Moore. “I noticed, first, he was standing up, and then he went under and never came back up. I started screaming. Leonard was inside, and he came out of nowhere and dove into the water without any hesitation, cell phone in his pocket and all. He saved my son’s life, and I am so thankful that he was there for me and my child.”
Sometimes the higher powers put us in the right place at the right time and for Leonard Pope, the NFL Lockout of 2011 will be remembered in his mind as the time he saved a life.

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