January 30, 2012

Kurt Warner To Host USA Network Reality Show, "The Moment"

Just in case you were wondering what former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner has been up to recently, he was recently tabbed to host a reality show which was just picked up by the USA Network.

The show is called, "The Moment" and below is the premise:
Each week, someone will be secretly nominated by a loved one and surprised by our host with an unbelievable offer:  the opportunity to pick up where they left off and pursue the career they've always wanted.  From race car driving to orchestra conducting to deep sea diving, they will leave behind the comforts of home and leap into a whirlwind of training under the expert guidance of a world-class mentor who will help them prepare for the audition of a lifetime. But if they succeed, will they accept the job and change their and their family's life forever - or will they realize that they've been living their dream life all along, and go back home to their loved ones?
Everyone has a 'what-if' moment in their life — a decision or path they could have taken - but rarely do they get a second chance to explore what could have been," said Justin Hochberg and Charlie Ebersol, Co-Founders, The Hochberg Ebersol Company.  "We created a format that taps into this emotion, and proved so powerful that it attracted Kurt Warner – the guy who got his own second chance – to his first reality hosting gig. USA is the ideal network for this innovative brand of reality entertainment."
The series has been picked up for nine episodes and airdate has not been set. 

(Courtesy of TV By The Numbers)

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