January 07, 2012

Sorority Girl Asks Tim Tebow To Be Her Date For Formal (Video)

With the previous success of our military men and women asking famous celebrities to attend military balls, Brittany Salvesen of Midwestern State University tried to make a plea to Tim Tebow to attend her sorority formal.

Salvesen is part of Sigma Phi Lamda and decided to produce the below video to try and woo Mr. Tebow to attend her formal:

By Ben Chew with 4 comments


why is the video image backwards?

She's definitely got b@lls. Should have pledged Phi Moo. 3.16

not to insult you, but you're really going to compare tebow to shallow celebrities, and you to militaries?, research more and find out what he is about. i'd suggest you work w/ mentally challenged children, and you'll have more chance of meeting him that way...peaced

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