February 04, 2012

Actor Kellan Lutz defends Gisele Bundchen prayer e-mail for Tom Brady

One of the interesting stories during Super Bowl media week was the uncovering of an e-mail sent by Gisele Bundchen regarding her husband, Pats QB Tom Brady.

The e-mail asked for family and friends prayers for the big game this Sunday and Gisele received some criticism regarding it.

Actor Kellan Lutz known for his role in the movie "Twilight" attending a Super Bowl party in Indianapolis came to her defense:
"I found that very endearing," Lutz said about the email. "Very sweet to have a wife do that for her husband and give that positive energy. I think we all need that in the world. To listen to the news broadcasters ... be negative towards that, I think it is really (bad)."
(Courtesy of OMG)

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