February 24, 2012

Jeremy Lin is inspiring New York City food and drinks

Just when you thought that the Linsanity couldn't get any better, many New York City restaurants and bars have decided to get into the act by naming food and drinks after the Knicks guard.

Lin's name has been used from everything from burgers to milkshakes to even a martini as places try to cash in on the Harvard graduate:
Bars around Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks play, are honoring the Taiwanese-American player with items like Lin-burgers and "Lings" — Asian-spiced chicken wings. Several bars have concocted "Lintinis," while the Shake Shack chain is offering a "Jeremy Lin-Mint," a chocolate and mint cookie milkshake. And BaoHaus, a restaurant near Union Square serving the Taiwanese dumplings known as bao, began selling one stuffed with a curry-spiked pork chop, pickled radish and carrots, and cilantro, a typical Taiwanese preparation.
"Being Asian, we're really excited about it," says Eddie Huang, a Taiwanese-American chef and hardcore Knicks fan whose restaurant walls are plastered with a shrine to Lin. "We feel a responsibility any time things are happening in the Taiwanese community to react, whether it's in the blog or the menu. It's a great opportunity to educate people about our food, our people."
Huang calls the new sandwich the "Taiwanese Te-Bao," a reference to Lin's devout Christianity and a play on the name of another high-profile Christian athlete, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.
I will say though a Taiwanese Te-Bao sounds pretty good right now....

(Courtesy of CBS News)

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