February 24, 2012

Kevin Hart gets ejected from NBA All Star Celebrity Game, Wins MVP (Videos)

During the history of the NBA All-Star Celebrity game, no player has ever been ejected from the game until comedian Kevin Hart got tossed from tonight's game.

It happened late in the fourth quarter after a foul call on HGTV's Jake Scott as Hart freaked out in front of a female referee and proceeded to take his jersey and shoes off to earn an ejection:

Despite the ejection, Hart won the MVP for the East squad (thanks to some Twitter help) but shared the award with teammate, US secretary of education Arnie Duncan in the lopsided 86-54 victory:

If you were looking for a memorable Hart highlight from the game, check out this alley-oop from Hart to rapper J. Cole:

If you want full highlights of the game, check them out in this clip:

(Courtesy of Jose3030 and Yardieiz4life Twitter accounts)

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