March 20, 2012

Alex Rodriguez disputes nearly $18,000 in credit card charges

One of the benefits about being a professional athlete in this day and age is that you pretty much can buy anything to your heart's content.

However for New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, a purchase made for his niece has gotten him into some hot water. Rodriguez spent nearly $18,000 at Blue & Cream boutique on the Bower inn New York City for his niece Michelle Silva using his American Express black card.

The issue occurred when Silva's mother didn't approve of the spending and A-Rod attempted to take the stuff to get back his money back but store policy prevented him from doing so. A-Rod is now disputing the charges and has created a rather bizarre story of the shopping spree gone wrong:
Rodriguez’s people then called the store repeatedly asking to return the clothes, but were informed Blue & Cream doesn’t issue refunds, only store credit, a rep for the boutique told us.

Silva sent an e-mail to store management, saying she couldn’t keep the pricey duds, and warned that her uncle will have to take “further measures” if a refund wasn’t issued.

This weekend, Blue & Cream was notified that Rodriguez is disputing the charges. “It’s ridiculous. Completely ridiculous,” said a store rep. “We have security tapes and coverage of him at the checkout counter. We’re completely not in the wrong.” A rep for Rodriguez declined to comment.
(Courtesy of New York Post)

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