March 01, 2012

Derrick Rose missed free throws cost Bulls fans Big Macs

Back on Tuesday night, the Chicago Bulls defeated the New Orleans Hornets by the score of 99-95 but for some reason the home crowd at the United Center decided to boo Bulls point guard Derick Rose.

Why you may ask? Rose was at the free throw line with about five seconds remaining and only needed to make one free throw to give the team up to 100 and give fans in attendance, a free big mac.

Sadly, Rose missed both free throws and had to apologize for missing them:
"I feel like Jackie Moon off of ‘Semi-Pro,’” Rose said. “That’s all I was thinking about. “I saved McDonald’s a lot of money, so they should be happy.”
For those who have forgotten, here is the clip from the movie that Derrick Rose was talking about:

(Courtesy of CBS Chicago)

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