March 22, 2012

Kobe Bryant makes impossible alley-oop reverse lay-up (Video)

Just when you thought that Kobe Bryant couldn't do anything more incredible, check out this clip from last night's Lakers/Mavericks affair.

Midway through the third quarter, Lakers forward Pau Gasol throws an alley-oop pass to Bryant who somehow makes the lay-up with his back to the basket.

The Lakers would go onto win 109-93:

By Ben Chew with 4 comments



Kobe is THE man!

up & down - his foot came down before he let the ball go - FAIL

Sick? Sick, my ass! There was absolutely nothing special about that shot. Why don't you Floppers fans call it what it really was? It was a luck shot, plain and simple. Any idiot can throw a basketball up behind them and have it somehow go into the hoop. It was just luck and nothing more. Everybody, including the guy who posted this article (Ben Chew), needs to remove their collective lips from Kobe Bryant's ass. As if his ego isn't ballooned enough! (P.S. Kobe wasn't even fouled. That was just a big-time flop. Great acting on his part)

That why he won championship and best player in league

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