March 09, 2012

New York Rangers John Scott wants Jeremy Lin to punch him in the face

Newly acquired New York Rangers defender John Scott might be one of the toughest players in the NHL and during a recent interview, proved that he'll let anyone punch him in the face.

When Scott was a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, he was critical of New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin saying that he wasn't very impressed with his play and needed to work on his defense.

Since Scott now plays for the other team at Madison Square Garden, he was asked clarify his previous Lin remark and that's when the face punching thing came to light:
“No, it’s O.K.,” Scott said. “You can’t kill a guy for offering his opinion. I was just saying he had one weakness to work on. Most of us have a lot more than that. Look at me. No one thought I could make it to the N.H.L., and there are a lot of people who still don’t think I belong.
“I haven’t come close to reaching his level, and I never will, but I can relate to Jeremy. I hope I get to meet him soon at the Garden or the practice facility. For what I said, he can even punch me in the hallway if he wants to.”
(Courtesy of Pro Hockey Talk)

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