April 14, 2012

Caddie Kip Henley uses rake to chase away gator at RBC Heritage (video)

I’m pretty sure that caddie Kip Henley didn’t have “gator-remover” in his job description but he had to remove one during the first round of the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

On the 15th hole, Henley who was caddying for Brian Gay ran into a gator who was just relaxing as Gay attempted his fourth shot from the mud near the water hazard.

As the gator refused to move for Gay to have a clear shot, Henley sprung into action by using one of the rakes in a near-by bunker to help push the gator into the water hazard:

After the round, Henley took to Twitter to tell his followers why he believed that the gator didn’t want to move:
"The gator only had (one) front leg," he said. "I guess that is why he was so reluctant to take off."
(Courtesy of The Other Paper and Golf Talk Central)

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