April 02, 2012

Canadian high school basketball game ends in both teams fans storming the court (video)

Have you ever seen a basketball game end with both sets of fans storming the court believing that their team had the won the game?

We head to Canada and the bizarre ending to the British Columbia Lower Mainland AAA boys basketball championship between Kitsilano High and St. George's High that saw the double court storming happen.

Nearing the end of the game as St George’s trailed by one, forward Milan Metrovic scores the apparent game-winner as St. George’s fans and players begin to celebrate the victory on one side of the court. However at the same exact time, some Kitsilano fans saw a referee near the basket appear to wave off the shot and caused a group of their fans to storm the court in celebration:

After the bedlam, Kitsilano players and coaches approached the referees to argue that the shot was no good but the referees decided to leave the building and St. George’s 58-57 victory stood.

(Courtesy of Prep Rally)

By Ben Chew with No comments


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