April 16, 2012

Lindsey Vonn owed the IRS nearly 1.7 million dollars, pays it off

USA skier Lindsey Vonn might be one of the most recognizable female athletes in today's sports world but that didn't stop the IRS from tracking her down for not paying some taxes.

Vonn owed nearly $1.7 million dollars in back taxes and hadn't paid them
According to public records obtained through the Elko County recorder's office in Nevada, the IRS hit the reigning overall World Cup champion and her estranged husband with a tax lien earlier this month. The Detroit News first reported on the tax lien.

Vonn announced on her Facebook page that she's "disappointed with this situation" and has done "everything in my power to settle it immediately."
As of yesterday, Lindsey representative said that she has paid off the back taxes and everything has been resolved.

(Courtesy of Christian Science Monitor)

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