April 26, 2012

Rangers fans keep foul ball from little kid, gets scolded by Michael Kay (Video)

 During last night's Rangers/Yankees affair, a young Rangers fan broke out into tears after not getting a baseball tossed into the crowd by Texas first baseman, Mitch Moreland.

After Moreland threw the ball into the stands, a couple sitting next to the kid got the ball and proceeded to get scolded by Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay for not giving him the ball:

(Courtesy of Jimmy Traina's Twitter)

By Ben Chew with 1 comment


I think the kid is a spoiled brat and the fans that got the ball were entitled to keep it. Since they didn't take it away from the kid...who's to say they should just give it up. I've been going to baseball games for 40 years and have never caught a ball, but if it had been me...I would have kept the ball, too.

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