June 26, 2012

Barack Obama booed in Boston over Kevin Youkilis trade (Video)

Earlier today, USA president Barack Obama was in Boston for a fundraiser at Symphony Hall and decided to poke Red Sox nation nearing the end of speech.

Obama thanked Boston for trading Kevin Youkilis to his Chicago White Sox and was promptly booed because of the statement:

(Courtesy of CBS Boston)

By Ben Chew with 2 comments


Why is everyone concerned? Didn't Obama tell you the private sector was 'just fine'. I understand how he gets that feeling.....playing golf, going to ball games, hanging out with Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney, Warren Buffett could certainly affect your perspective..........Someone posted that he threw the ball like a girl......That's totally unfair, the only experience he has at pitching are the folks he has thrown under the bus.

This is a non-story. The crowd was saying "yoouuk". In general, you do not get seriously booed by people who pay $30,000 to hear you speak. For Romney to try to make a story out of this is a sign of desperation.

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