July 28, 2012

Chinese farmer rides rickshaw across world to attend 2012 Summer Olympics

There are many interesting stories of people who have traveled a long way to make it to the 2012 Summer Olympics but none of them can touch 54-year-old Chinese farmer Chen Guanming.

Chen started his journey back in April of 2010 and rode his rickshaw over sixteen countries over 80,000 miles to attend the opening ceremonies. During that trip, he faced plenty of adversity including freezing temperature, floods in Thailand and Visa issues but he made sure to make it on time for the start of the ceremonies:
“I wanted to arrive on time for the opening ceremony. I had to face both floods and very hot and dry conditions,” said Chen.

He added: “Londoners are very welcoming, the city is welcoming the whole world in a very nice way.”
Chen mostly survived this trip through the kindness of strangers and donations from his family. Some cynics might believe that Chen did the trip for fame or publicity but he claims that he did it to support the athletes:
"I came to support and cheer all the people from all over the world who are participating in the sports," Chen said, "I'm volunteering, I'm not looking for a reward."
To note, this isn’t Chen first long Olympic journey. Back in 2001 after China had won the right to hold the 2008 Olympics, he cycled from his village in the Jiangsu province to Beijing and his journey took his through over 1,700 Chinese cities.

(Courtesy of Asia One and New York Daily News)

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