August 30, 2012

Josh Beckett rips Boston sports media, "It's only a matter of time until they get you"

After Josh Beckett departed Boston for his new home in Los Angeles as part of one of the bigger trades in MLB history, he decided to state some not so nice words about the Boston sports media before he left.

In an interview with WEEI's Rob Bradford, Josh spoke very candidly about the Boston media machine and their ability to push players out:  
"Once they want you out of there, they want you out of there," he said. "By them, I don't necessarily mean the fans. There are certain people in the media who painted me out to be a monster with horns, and that's just not the case. I said that in my press conference, people out here hear from certain media members that [portrayal].

I'm like, well, maybe you should start asking some people who are around me and know me. That's the thing, nobody ever asks them. And if they do ask them, they don't write that. They don't write what people say because that's not how they want perception to be. They've done it to a lot of people. I got a text message from one of the head security guys over there. He's like, 'You're not the first person I've seen this happen to.' Once those people want you out of there, they want you out of there. They're going to keep on, keeping on, keeping on until they get what they want."

"It's just a matter of time before they get you, basically. And that's unfortunate," he said. "I think Jonny Lester knows that. I think Clay Buchholz knows that. Your time will come.
(Courtesy of WEEI)

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