August 05, 2012

Kevin Kolb rejects John Skelton fist pound after getting injured (Video)

The Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback position for the 2012 NFL season has come down to a battle between highly-paid Kevin Kolb and second year player Josh Skelton.

After Kolb had a rather forgettable first quarter in the Hall of Fame preseason game against the New Orleans Saints, he had to leave the game due to injury.

Skelton was ready to check in and wanted to show his support for Kolb by offering him a fist pound/handshake as he left the field.

That's when Kolb decided to blow off his teammate:

By Ben Chew with 6 comments


That skeleton's a bony little worm.

Kolb no talented QB and no team spirit

I'm not even a Kolb or AZ fan, but has anyone else ever had an injured rib? The last thing that you want to do is raise your arm to give your teammate a "pound", and if you look closely he tries to lift his arm to do so. Save the drama for the soap operas!

That was bush league. I played with broken ribs. Yes it hurts like hell. But he made no attempt to pound. And from what he says nothing is broken. Just a chump! We all see Skelton is the better qb. Kolb deserves to hold a water bottle. Make him 3 rd string. Don't forget who beat my saints last year!! Not kolb. Good luck Skelton was pulling for him before and now I'll pull for anybody but kolb. Besides Kolb lives throwing to the black and gold. Ask Darren sharper!!! Lol good luck Cards beat the 49ers!!!

The sooner the Cardinals realize Kolb is a loser and slacker the better off they will be. Rod Graves is the one making these poor player choices. And yes I do think he snubbed skelton what a jerk

kolb is a no talent, no good piece of garbage, worst thing the Cardinals did was trade for kolb. the media was right the eagles rob the cardinals and now we are the laughing stock of the NFL, thanks kolb,I guess if we as americans want to see 65 million dollars down the toliet, we should take a look at how the cardinals conduct business and waste money

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