August 02, 2012

Minor league baseball sound guy gets ejected by umpire for playing "Three Blind Mice" (Video)

The power of ejection can sometimes cause regular baseball umpires to become drunk with power and one minor league umpire decided to eject a sound guy/disc jockey from a game.

It happened during a Daytona Cubs game on Wednesday night as umpire Mario Seneca gave the thumb to the Cubs disc jockey, Derek Dye.

Check out the below statement from the Cubs Facebook page detailing the incident:
We’ve just entered the twilight zone at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. Our music man, Derek Dye, has been EJECTED from tonight’s game. The umpire, Mario Seneca, was apparently not happy when Derek played “Three Blind Mice” after a questionable call. With no music system, a fan has stepped up to call out player introductions from the stands.
Update: We now have video of the moment

(Courtesy of Off The Bench)

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