August 29, 2012

Texas Rangers fan gets emotional during final out (Video)

There are many people you meet in life that wear their emotions on their sleeves and it appears that one Texas Rangers fan caught by television got a little emotional near the end of Tuesday night's victory over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Watch as this fan starts screaming for the final out and has a little bit of an emotional moment on live television:

By Ben Chew with 2 comments


Why the f is this news worthy?

Exactly, it is one out from one game out of 162. Rangers fans still havent paid their dues like many of us life long (I am 73) Red sox, Yankee fans, etc. We know baseball. We love baseball. We love our team. And one out to end a game is just another out in a series of thousands of them over the course of a season.

Will we applaud it? Sure we will, but we certainly arent going to go hoopee over it until it really means something.

Maybe in about 50 more years, Rangers fans will have paid their dues.

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