September 29, 2012

Mississippi State football coach Dan Mullen wins Buffalo Wings eating contest

If you were looking for a college football coach to enter a wing-eating contest win, it would be Mississippi State head man Dan Mullen.

Back on Thursday, Mullen competed in a wing-eating contest at a local Buffalo Wild Wings and Dan crushed it. He ate 24 wings in under five minutes which from the folks over at the Victory Formation equates out to a wing per 12.5 seconds.

After destroying those wings, Mullen spoke humbly about his accomplishment:
“It’s not really a Man vs. Food type challenge to where you get to the point of it being painful.”
Watch out Joey Chesnut...Dan Mullen is coming for you.

(Top image courtesy of Getty Images/Below image courtesy @bristewart31 )

By Ben Chew with No comments


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