September 19, 2012

Wisconsin brothers get arrested over fight caused by Madden game

Over the years, I've enjoyed some heated games of Madden NFL Football but I've never actually came to blows over the game.

However, a couple of brothers in Wisconsin got into an epic fight over a game and were arrested after multiple neighbors called 911 during the incident:
Michael Mayweather, 21, and Abrey Mayweather, 19, were playing a game of "Madden NFL" on Monday afternoon in Abrey’s apartment at 2000 Washington Ave. when Michael allegedly began to take the loss and his brother’s name calling personally, according to a criminal complaint.

The dispute then became physical when Abrey got up to allegedly fight with his brother outside, at which point Michael tried locking his brother out of the apartment. The two then reportedly jostled with one another, eventually ripping the door of its hinges and forcing the developing brawl into the hallway.
Both dudes spent the night in jail on domestic abuse charges and learned this lesson, "If it's in the game...You'll be feeling the pain".

(Courtesy of Off The Bench)

By Ben Chew with No comments


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